6 Factors That Can Slow Down Claim Resolution

6 Factors That Can Slow Down Claim Resolution

For anyone with the misfortune of being tied to a lawsuit, time is of the essence. Questions such as, “how long will this take?”, and, “what can slow down claim resolution?” are usually some of the most frequently asked. According to most lawyers, the answers to those questions are as many as there are attorneys walking the earth. But there are several factors that can slow down claim resolution.

How Long Will Your Claim Resolution Take?

The fact of the matter is that there is no definite time frame that a claim resolution can take. This is due to the fact that no two cases are similar, regardless of whether they fall into the same category.

While it is possible for seasoned attorneys to settle a case within a few months of trial, it is simply impossible for some cases, due to their complexity. Some of the factors that may determine the length of your case, are outlined below.

It’s always best to file a claim as soon as you are able. It keeps the details fresh for those involved and ensures you don’t surpass the statute of limitations in your state. The Utah personal injury statute of limitations is four years, however, if the government is involved as the other party, you may be limited to only 1-2yrs to file. Four years is a long time, but most states are not so lenient on this filing deadline, giving you on average 2-3 yrs.

  1. Liability
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Though rare, there are some cases that never settle. And the main reason for this is when defendants contest liability. Such cases rely on juries to make the final verdict on who will be held liable for fault and economic damages.

  1. Insurance Company Involved

There are various reasons why insurance companies handling these claim resolution cases have a direct impact on the settlement period. Due to this reason, most insurance companies take their sweet time to determine which claims are beneficial to pursue. They resolve claims in line with their policies, which normally fall within specific statutes of limitations.

Additionally, when the insurance adjuster handling your case has more cases on his plate, you can expect your claim resolution to take longer.

  1. Nature of the Case

Some cases are simply quicker and easier to resolve than others. Whether liability has been assumed and case complexity are examples of what could affect the duration. An example is how a car accident is simpler to settle than a birth injury settlement case.

  1. Medical Evaluation

Lawsuit medical evaluation can affect the duration of claim resolution simply because the case cannot commence without medical test results. Some of which take longer than others. For example, cases where the extent of the injury is not apparent or the injuries result from pre-existing conditions. Determining these may take months or even years.

  1. Jurisdiction

States vary in terms of population, court processes, and even government funding. Due to these reasons, claims that may be resolved faster in one state, may take ages to be resolved in another. In summary, jurisdictions with flooded dockets tend to spend more time on cases than those without. Cases that go to trial are a different statistic altogether.

  1. Personal Injury Attorney
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No two people are the same, neither are lawyers, despite practicing the same kind of law. Therefore, a case that may take one lawyer a few months may take another lawyer up to a year or more.

Another thing is different law firms spend different durations to resolve claims. For example, you would expect a law firm with many employees to tackle your case faster than one with very few employees.

Keep the above in mind when scouting for legal counsel that could potentially speed up your claims process. Experience also plays a key role, and that is self-explanatory.

Do Your Due Diligence to Expedite Your Claim Resolution

Some reasons above are technically out of your hands. However, there are ways you can expedite the process. Especially through handing out all the evidence you have, no matter how insignificant you think it is. Finally, collaborate with attorneys as much as you can. And you will regain a semblance of normalcy in no time.

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