6 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating a Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App

Today, the demand for numerous applications has been bolstered significantly among users. Currently, despite numerous categories present in the market, super-apps have gained tremendous requirements from people. It is because they have integrated all the individual services into a single platform and have turned to be an umbrella solution.

Previously, there were only a few players existed in the multi-service sector. But, with the rise in demand for these solutions among smartphone users, numerous super apps from different regions were launched. It includes Gojek, Rappi, Paytm, Careem, Grab, etc. As a result, there are many multi-service platforms available to people concurrently in an application store.

They all achieved decent fame among users, but Gojek took it to the next level. The company started its journey in Indonesia by serving a couple of services, and at present, it has 20 different facilities in its rack for users. Since then, it has become popular in entire Southeast Asia. According to 2023 statistics, 29.2 million MAUs were recorded across Indonesia, while Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore trailed behind by 4.3 million, 2 million, and 0.8 million MAUs, respectively, in 2019.

It indicates the intense requirements for Gojek in Southeast Asian countries. So, by observing such demands, you might be inspired to create Gojek like solution for your enterprise. Here are some mistakes to be neglected, and the cost for the same are stated in this post. Reading each section will assist you in getting a desirable Gojek similar app ready at reliable prices.

6 Mistakes To Neglect While Developing a Gojek Like App

To satisfy the terrific requirements, you must go for building a Gojek like multi-service platform for your venture. But, you must avoid several mistakes during the same. Consider each of them discussed below:

Unable to Understand User’s Requirements

Many entrepreneurs skip thinking about the needs of users, and they just directly switch to the development phase of Gojek similar solution. As a result, they face difficulties in fetching users to utilize their applications. Thus, to avoid such circumstances, all you require to do is gather user preferences, know the most favorite attributes of people for fulfilling their purposes, and conduct a survey of which kind of app they exactly need. Performing such practices will help you in creating Gojek like platform for your business to satisfy the users’ requirements.

Budget Mismanagement

The budget is vital to every project. Most business admins get an app for their ventures ready either at an over-budgeted price or by compromising their needs. As an entrepreneur, you should always set your budget in a way that does not hinder meeting your enterprise requirements, along with receiving a Gojek similar application ready at affordable rates from a technology partner. Hence, always fix your development cost in a way that can bear unforeseen expenses, as miscellaneous spending will always take place. Once when a budget is set, make sure that you adhere to it.

Increased Complexity

There are many apps that face difficulties in getting launched or are rejected by an application store. One of the reasons is they are pushed with tons of features inside, making it much more complicated for users. So, to skip this issue, you should select the demystifying attributes that are easier to utilize for users in fulfilling their requirements, and stuffing them in a solution like Gojek will assist your venture to have an edge over the competition.

Poor UI/UX Design

Never neglect the importance of giving a seamless design to your app. It is because the first and foremost thing based on which users prefer to utilize the platform is its design. Most applications lose ample users due to their poor UI/UX. So, you should work on making a client-centric design that will assist your solution similar to Gojek in avoiding significant time consumption, tedious navigation, and several things resulting in boring design for users.

Inadequate Testing

When you get a Gojek similar multi-service platform ready, it’s mandatory to test an application rigorously to detect any glitches or errors and get them cleared by the earliest. Neglecting to do so will lead users to face numerous technical issues, laying a negative impact on them and, as a result, getting bad feedback. Hence, as a startup owner, you should follow various testing strategies to help your venture skip the previously mentioned obstacles in its progress path.

Not Considering User Feedback

Numerous enterprises refuse to prioritize the reviews of their app users. As a result, they cannot enhance their application properly. It would lead them to face difficulties in retaining users on their solutions. Thus, to avoid such situation for a platform like Gojek, you should note every review about an app built for your venture. It will also assist your business in gaining more customer loyalty considerably.

By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, you can get a Gojek app clone developed that is highly efficient for your business. But what are the prices for building Gojek similar platform? Refer to the next section for the same.

Cost of Creating a Gojek Similar Solution

You can get an app like Gojek developed by contacting a technology partner and paying specific charges. Now, you might question that based on which aspects the costs of making a platform similar to Gojek relies upon. To get an answer to this question, consider the several parameters stated below:

Geographical Locations

It is evident that the prices of creating an app similar to Gojek for your enterprise from an IT firm vary based on different locations. There are numerous elements affecting the rates of development, which include costs of living standards, subscription fees for utilizing specific features, changing costs of accessing databases in various countries, publishing charges, etc. Hence, by combining all such things, an hourly cost for building a platform like Gojek is determined, and you should choose the particular region that is nearer and costs you significantly lesser. Hourly prices based on different nations are shown in the table below:

Countries Per Hour Fees(In USD)
Canada $105 – $140
Netherlands $60 – $80
India $20 – $40
USA $80 – $115
UAE $35 – $65

Number of Developers Tenant

Complicacy of your solution decides the number of developers in a team required to build it. The density of features to be implemented, design, layout, and many other aspects are responsible for measuring the complexity of a platform. Based on all of them, a company determines how many programmers would be occupied to work on your project. The costs will be higher if more staff members of the firm are tenant for making a Gojek similar app.

Size of Solution

The charges for creating a solution similar to Gojek through a technology partner may vary depending on the size of an application to be built. It is decided upon the amount of device’s memory storage needed to run an app, images uploaded, number of specifications, and many other elements. Thus, you can reduce the size of your platform and its development fees by keeping in mind the parameters mentioned earlier.

Maintenance Costs

It depends on the application being built by programmers of a particular IT firm. If you have developed a Gojek similar multi-service solution from a company with negative client reviews, entry-level developers, etc. Then, it is possible that you receive a platform full of bugs and issues inside, which would lead to higher maintenance charges. So, it’s advisable to create Gojek like multi-service app by approaching a renowned firm. It will help you in avoiding the charges for maintaining a solution.

Apart from these, there are numerous reasons explaining the rates of building a solution related to any sector. Referring to all of them will assist you in reducing the development prices for Gojek like app to a considerable extent.


Therefore, you might have derived by observing the vast requirements of an Indonesian Unicorn that creating Gojek like solution is an intelligent choice for your business. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while developing a Gojek clone app and the costs for the same discussed. By referring to those, you might have gained a clearer vision about getting Gojek similar platform for your enterprise at reasonable rates.

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