The 6 Best MSP Marketing Strategies

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If you’ve set your sights on growing your MSP this year, you’ll know that this isn’t necessarily as straightforward as you’d like it to be. Not only are you working to position your company ahead of other local MSPs, but you’re competing against other national MSP companies that also offer IT services.

Establishing a growth path requires a skillful combination of short and long-term preparation. You can use marketing strategies today that are known to produce quick results, but you should also consider complementing your marketing game plan with more long-term and sustainable strategies able to bring in new clients in a more automated fashion.

Next are some of the best MSP marketing ideas for you to implement to get new clients:

Build a great MSP website

It’s true that a well-designed website has both short- and long-term benefits, and in today’s internet world, it is a non-negotiable asset. Unless you have prior web expertise, designing your own website with free website construction tools might be tempting. However, this will most certainly be a time-consuming and disappointing process, with a site that looks below par.

Instead, it is better to hire a web design company that specializes in MSP websites. They will know how to structure your website’s layout, content, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to appeal specifically to small businesses looking for an MSP.

Post Regular Blog Updates

If you’re running a small MSP business with just a handful of employees, you shouldn’t feel the urgency to write and publish blog posts every day. Quality and well-researched material work better even if it takes longer to produce than short and sloppy blog posts. Take the time to produce the best MSP-related article and thought leadership material you can to position and separate yourself from all the other MSPs targeting the same market segment as you.

Content marketing in the form of blogs, videos, webinars, and/or podcasts are excellent ways to demonstrate your technical expertise and to show your personality to prospects and existing customers alike. Ultimately, people do business with people they like and trust.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful chiropractic marketing strategies for two reasons: firstly, it’s a great way to build trust and, secondly, repeat clients are much better than new ones.

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective MSP marketing techniques for a few reasons:

  1. Email marketing develops trust
  2. Email marketing allows you to communicate with your audience at a 1-1 level
  3. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and positive ROI-generating channels
  4. Email marketing allows you to promote your services and increase sales

If your emails are regularly appearing in your clients and prospects inboxes, they’ll be more likely to keep your company and your name top-of-mind.

In order to make sure your email marketing campaign is successful, you’ll need to have a well-designed email template and sign-up forms on your website. You should also segment your list so that you’re sending targeted content to different groups of people.

Finally, don’t forget to measure your results so that you can improve your campaigns over time.

Check All Your Online Listings Are Up-to-Date

Most people who are looking for an MSP will go online and search for ‘managed service provider near me’ or ‘managed it services + [suburb name]’. 46% of all Google searches are for local businesses, and the number of queries that include variations such as “near me” and “close by” has risen by over 900% in the past two years.

It’s critical for your company to be easily identifiable online. Aside from an SEO-optimised website, you must have a Google My Business profile and a Facebook page for your MSP company. These pages should link to your website and include the most up-to-date contact information.

Request Reviews and Respond to Any Online Reviews (Good or Bad)

This strategy requires a two-pronged approach. To begin, you must persuade your long-standing clients to provide testimonials about your business. Make it simple for them by sending them an email with a link to your Google My Business page and instructions on how to leave feedback. If you’ve built a strong relationship with your customers, they’re going to be more inclined to leave a positive and honest review for you.

In addition, you need to make it a habit to respond to all reviews left online about your business. Positive and negative reviews alike are good opportunities for you to demonstrate your professionalism and care for both your happy and unhappy customers.

Use Pay Per Click Advertising

The advantage of using PPC advertising on platforms such as Google, Bing, and Facebook is that they’ve made it very easy for the untrained business owner to set up and launch a campaign in very little time. Also, you can start experimenting with this kind of advertising for as low as a few hundred dollars a month and slowly optimize and scale your way up to bigger budgets as your campaign shows positive signs of conversion.


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