6 Myths about Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Cell phone monitoring software has been gaining the popularity over the past year with the increase in the awareness of the threats it addresses. This has been especially true when it comes to child safety. Modern parents are seeking the help of these spy applications to constantly look-out for the safety of their kids. The most recent example has been games like Blue Whale Challenge that has been encouraging several kids across the globe to take their own lives. It has become necessary for parents to be a part of the digital lives that their kids live and intervene when things are going out of hand. These types of phone monitoring software considered as a fictional thing that really reserve for professionally for investigation agencies and also in police department.

Though this cell phone monitoring app come up with features that gives back the control to parents, the use of it have been criticized and their relevance, shrouded with myths. Several points are being raised against spy application, the common one is a breach of privacy on the lives of people. It’s true that these spy applications can be deployed on any phone but it really depends on what purpose you put it to. The goal of parental monitoring app has always been about ensuring the safety of someone who is likely to get involved in cell phone scams. In the digital age, passing on information (howsoever dangerous) is easy and young kids have been a large part of the receiving mass.

The cell phone tracking software has a very bad reputation. Lots of people think that this kind of software is used to steal your all information from someone without their permission. To those who have already taken advantages of this kind of cell phone spy software, they really need to know that cell phone monitoring software is not all that bad if you will choose the right one from the market.

If you love your family members and you are planning to use this type of applications to monitor your family members, Well, here are 6 important busting the myths and misconceptions that revolve around ideal cell phone monitoring apps:

  1. Installing Spy Phone Software over the Air

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No, it can not be done. To be able to install the spy application on a cell phone, you need to have that particular device in your hand. There is no other way that these applications can be remotely installed on a targeted cell phone. This is a answer of the myth why the software can not be installed in just anyone’s phone remotely. You cannot bug your colleague’s phone unless he/she allows you to have his/her cell phone. You certainly do have the access to install these kind of spy software in your kid’s smart phone and make sure that your kids are well protected against digital threats.

  1. Tracking Spy Phone Software is hard to Install

Another misconception is here! Once you have bought the spy application, it is very easy to install it in a targeted cell phone. You don’t need to be a any technical genius or computer programmer to install these applications in a cell phone. In fact, with application like TiSPY – Parental Monitoring Software, you just need about less time to get across the installation process. The software comes with a step by step guide that is easy for follow for anyone who can read English.

  1. You Need To Be a Computer Programmer To Use Cell Phone Tracking and Spyware

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That’s not true again. Cell phone monitoring app like TiSPY comes with a very user friendly and intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for any parents to use it’s features. Everything that you need is well spread out in this application dashboard and you will just need to tap/touch to get it going. Be it remotely accessing the camera of the target device or make a video call, everything is done at the touch/tap of a button. So, that is the main reason you really don’t need any professional computer programmer to use cell phone tracking software.

  1. Spy Phone Software is a Trojan

Now, this requires a bit of discussion. It’s really true that there are several apps that are marketed as spy applications but are actually digital scams that aim to stole your information or breach your privacy. But there are also few applications that are only intended to make the life of your loved ones safer. It is necessary that you

need to choose a highly reliable application from a reputed developer to ensure that you don’t fall into a scam, trying to avoid scams. Applications like TiSPY comes with a lot of credibility and are completely safe to use.

  1. Hacking into one computer to other is impossible using this software

Cell phone monitoring apps like TiSPY works great, as long as you have access to the Internet and are the owner of the application. You can use this app to monitor your targeted devices (smart phone, laptops, computers etc.) from anywhere in the world. However, it is necessary to understand that apps like TiSPY only allow you to monitor all cell phone activities and not gain control over it. To what purpose you put the monitoring features depends completely on you but this technology has helped several parents avoid disasters.

  1. There’s no another option to know what actually happens on another’s phone

To make things straight, you will need to have the targeted cell phone physically in your possession for about few minutes to install the spy application. There’s no other way to do the installation. Once the installation is done, you can access your targeted smart phone from your own device, be it a smart phone, a tablet or your laptop. If you want to track your kid’s smart phone then you have to take full access of your kid’s cell phone. Because you can’t track or monitor your kids cell phone unless they allow you to installing cell phone monitoring software or track them.


Ideal Cell phone monitoring softeware does amount to breach of privacy but in some cases, especially with young kids, it becomes a necessity. Parents don’t need to be hesitant to use applications like TiSPY to do what’s necessary. You can’t put the lives of your loved ones at stake. You will get the best experience the benefits for sure.