6 Tips for New Real Estate Investors

The world of real estate is a high stakes profit factory. The margins in investments here can far outstrip those in the stock market or in commodities trading, but a simple misjudgment can also cut your return on investment to shreds. Keeping yourself in the black with your real estate ventures doesn’t have to be tough, just follow these simple guidelines to maintain a high margin on your returns. But first, if you are considering investing in real estate, then it is important to research the markets to determine which areas are worth exploring further – for example, if properties in North Carolina appeal to you, then researching Matthews Real Estate opportunities on the EZ Home Search website could be a fantastic place to start.

Consider real estate as an extension of the stock market.

REITs are stock market investment vehicles that accomplish much the same effect as a physical property holding, however, the lack of personal ownership means that you can’t benefit from the full upside potential.

Treating real estate as simply an extension of your stock holdings will help you prioritize the factors that matter when buying purely for investment opportunities. This mindset will keep your attachment to a minimum while focusing on location, features, and inclusions, and square footage in order to evaluate your potential return on investment — your bottom line.

Go in with a plan: Rent or resell?

Understanding which approach works best for your needs is essential to finding the right properties to add to your portfolio. If you intend to rent out your real estate holdings for monthly income, finding properties for a bargain that you can pay off with minuscule monthly mortgage obligations is essential. Flipping houses requires a different take on the mortgage framework. The initial purchase price matters less than the percentage you can add to a later sale price. Know your market before going shopping.

Tackle upgrades yourself.

The more renovation work you can do on your own, the more profit you will see when it comes time to sell the property. This is simple economics – the less work you have to outsource the lower your overall cash flow out will be, improving your margin in the long run.

Find spaces that work to your strengths.

Know your wheelhouse. If you’re a pro with kitchen shelving but can’t quite get the hang of new flooring installation, try to buy into properties that already have high-quality flooring but could use some work in the cooking area. Just like work done under your own strength, choosing properties that play into your hand will make the renovation work to get the property marketable far more manageable, and cost-effective.

Take aim at the quality of life upgrades.

Make sure that garages are well built, attic space is large enough for a family, and closet space isn’t cramped. These areas are a high priority, even if your prospective buyers or renters don’t yet realize it. They make up such a small portion of the overall home, yet the ability to comfortably store equipment, suitcases and seasonal decorations and attire are essential for all occupants.

Additionally, windows and doors, as well as curtains and small upgrades to the shower space make for a far more homely house. These small details will sell a buyer on the fence. Consider a door replacement service in East Hanover, NJ for quick and effective upgrades to your home’s passageways in order to really spruce up these rough edges.

Don’t end with real estate: Consider alternative supplements.

Real estate is often a bridge from the stock market into more lucrative investment opportunities. Check out Yieldstreet for ideas on additional markets for greater returns. The biggest Yieldstreet complaints out there surround the high upfront funding required to take advantage of incredibly profitable alternative investments like artwork or classic cars. Real estate is the stepping stone that will take you there.

Build your plan for economic success from the ground up and jump headfirst into the real estate market to energize your investment returns.

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