7 Common Website Designing Mistakes to Avoid

website designing mistakes

The definition of a good website could vary from person to person. While some would just want a functional website, there are others who prefer a sleek looking website. While some prefer to have many elements on the site, others like to keep it minimal. These needs can vary depending on the field of operation as each has its own specific needs.

There are some mistakes that must be avoided by any website designing company in India, or anywhere else unless you want the website to be a failure. Simple principles, if followed right, can avoid this mishap and lead you to design a successful website.

Using Small Font Size

To ensure a comfortable website experience, it is important that you are able to read the content without straining your eyes. Hence, the text must be present in a larger size. Also, since the attention span of consumers is short, it is important to capture their attention quickly. This is not going to happen with text written in a small font.

Choosing Fonts with Low Contrast

While you are still considering the fonts, it is important that the text is readable in terms of contrast. If both the background and the font are light coloured or both dark coloured, it will be very difficult for you to engage consumers.

Ignoring Line Height Selection

Along with the selection of font and contrast, it is important that you do not ignore the choice of line-height. It is important that the text does not look over-crowded or too spaced out. Choose the most suitable line-height for comfortable reading.

Opting for the Wrong Line Length

It is important that your website visitors feel happy when they visit the site. Looking at big lines gives a feeling of the content being too wordy and boring. A shorter line length can make the readers feel better, but you cannot make it too short either for the fear of it becoming annoying.

Using Mobile Sliders

Though moving sliders might look trendy and hi-tech, they do not serve the purpose they are created for. Often, the information hidden behind the various tabs gets missed out because people don’t really expect anything valuable. The first item grabs the attention and the rest tend to get ignored. Being easy to implement, they might be attractive, but your web designer must bring to your attention the fact that they are often rendered ineffective. Instead, you must look for more effective options for presenting the same information.

Having Dull CTA Buttons

These are a very important part of your website and must stand out and grab attention. If you make them appear in a similar colour as the background, you will never be able to get the readers to respond to them.

Not Following Common Design Principles

Certain features have to be present in a designated spot because that is what the consumers expect. If not, they would need to go looking for it and the navigation through the website will become strenuous giving an unpleasant experience. Some things are best kept standard.

Hopefully, all these mistakes will not pop-up on your website and you will get a good response from the visitors. You must share these with your web designing company in Gurgaon, Bangalore to enable them to design the best website for you. They could be the best designers, but if they ignore these few possible mistakes, their efforts could go waste.

Ipshita Shekhawat
Ipshita Shekhawat works as a Digital Marketing Analyst in a reputed digital marketing company, Techmagnate. In her spare, she loves to spend a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media. She’s the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing.

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