7 Crucial Tips For Picking Up Right Website Template


A good modern website builder can be an ideal way to create a website for business at the start when you don’t have extra money or knowledge in coding and design. Website builders are getting better day by day, gaining new tools and functionality, and design templates are becoming more modern and attractive.

But how to quickly choose a high-quality template for a site so that even a beginner can easily use it? Pay attention to these 7 criteria!

1.   Why choosing the right template is important?

Creating a site consists of several stages, one of which is the selection and installation of a design template. Not to waste a lot of time completing this step, you have to understand how to choose the right template from thousands of various options.

Also, picking up the wrong template, you run the risk of discovering its flaws only when the site is already launched.

So, use our tips below!

2.   Why is it worth considering paid templates?

We are not saying that absolutely everyone needs to choose a paid template and that there are no decent options among the free ones.

We recommend using the paid topics if you:

  • want to save time on setting up the website;
  • are willing to be able to customize the site without editing the code;
  • choose a ready-made design without the need wasting hours for customizing it;
  • need a beautiful and neat design, not a cheap-looking template;
  • care about responsive design so that the site looks amazing on tablets and smartphones;
  • want to be able to flexibly configure and modify almost any element on the site;
  • are willing to have more complex functionality;
  • need quick and high-quality support and tips on customizing the theme.

3.   7 criteria for choosing the right template

3.1. Type of template

In order not to waste time checking out all the templates, go to the desired section. To do this, select the appropriate category.

Also, in the filter section, you can sort templates using the filter. Opt for the «Bestsellers» (best-selling templates), to see the most popular options first. Then, choose the one you like most and check out the detailed description.

3.2. Rating of the template

It is better to choose templates with a higher rating. You can click «More information» and see how the ratings are built. Since it’s only buyers who can evaluate the templates, therefore, cheating is excluded, and reviews are always constructive.

3.3. Developer’s status

You can also check out the developer’s ratings. It is better to buy templates from the developers with high status (the number of templates sold).

The status indicates the seriousness of the developer, so if it is high, you can be sure that he offers a professional support service, and the specialists will answer all your questions in a short time.

3.4. The date of creation

Check out when the first release of the template was (the minimum period is 6 months). It is also very important because the newest templates are more likely to have various bugs and shortcomings.

3.5. Latest update

The template may look very good and may perfectly suit your goals, but do not forget to check out the date of the last update – if it was 1 or 2 years ago, we do not recommend to use such a template.

Perhaps there was nothing to update, but there is always something new on the Web – design trends are changing rapidly, and if developers do not imply new functionality, do not update the design, we recommend not to use such templates.

3.6. Analysis of the design: demo

Click on the «preview» button and you will see either a demo or a detailed description of the template with numerous options from several demos.

Design is the most important feature that motivates 98% of users to pick up a certain template. But we recommend evaluating not only the visual component but also the following aspects:

  • the presence of a fixed header for the site;
  • good site navigation scheme;
  • logical arrangement of elements;
  • the presence of interactive elements (forms, shopping cart, etc.).

If the template is narrowly targeted, for example, Blog/Online Newspaper, then all the demos will be in the format of the blog/magazine. The main advantage of narrowly targeted templates is that all the elements of the template are worked out to the smallest detail, taking into account the advanced features.

But also, there are universal templates that have demos for different types of websites. In this case, read the descriptions and choose the option of interest.

For example, the template may have 100+ demos and here you will find everything you need, starting from the musician’s personal website, ending with advertising your craft beer.

When you watch the demo, follow the links of the pages: there you will find additional shortcodes and elements that you can also use on your website.

3.7. Additional functionality

Website templates also provide a wide range of functions that are either suitable for a particular niche, for example, an order form or photo gallery, or these are general functions that can be applied to any niche.

Think about what functions your website template should have. In the description, see what additional functionality the template has.

For example:

  • If you want to make a multilingual website, look for the «WPML ready» inscription – such templates allow you can easily add several languages ​​using the WPML plugin.
  • Some templates designed for an online store, in addition to other plugins, sometimes offer an interesting plugin with which you can create rotatable 3d models of goods.
  • If you are planning to launch an informational website or online-magazine, then pay attention to the templates created exactly for such purposes. Their advantage is a convenient block setting, in which, using a simple drag and drop editor, you can add your feed of articles of any kind.
  • Want to make a website with the possibility to book (for example, a fitness center or a hotel? Look for the templates, offering such functionality.

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