7 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Blog Post – And You Didn’t Even Realized It!


Success in blogging is every blogger’s dream. Blogging has become a passion people have embraced today, and some do it for fun while others as a career. Doing the right things while blogging will ensure that you have an audience, retain them, and attract a new following. This is because people develop a liking to your professionalism and quality of work that you have. Rushing into blogging is, therefore, the best advice for you. Instead, you should learn the steps to succeed and be willing to stand corrected when you are wrong.

While your blog, some things will kill your blog post, each of them. Knowing about the will see to it that you avoid them and be able to post with no issues on your page. The things that will kill your blog post each time include:

1. Plagiarizing other posts

The number one rule of blogging is always to be original in what you post. You should always stay creative and not lift posts of other bloggers from their site because you will be doing more harm than good. Your post and your originality should be seen and let your audience understand how good a blogger you are. Getting ideas is not plagiarizing as long as you will not copy and paste them, especially if they are generally available in search engines and as long as you’ve done proper citation or accreditation. Always ensure that you are unique in what you post and be the real you as it helps you connect to your fans. Plagiarizing other people’s articles is considered intellectual theft and can lead you to some deep trouble. Apart from that, you will also be risking tarnishing your reputation and end up having the so much invested blog site losing its audience.

2. Inconsistency

As blogger consistency in what you post is essential. Your audience needs to appreciate your work, and thus you need to pick a theme that you are good at and post as often as possible. Let your passion for blogging drive you so that you may stay creative and consistently. Do not copy other people’s success blog topics, yet your current audience likes your niche. Be consistent in such a way that your audience is sure of what to expect from you. A good example would be picking a niche on fitness and health and making the best out of it. Inconsistency will lead to loss of interest from your audience, which is not what you want as a blogger.

3. Lack of a social media platform

Social media has become one of the easiest ways to connect to your audience. As a blogger, not having a social media account in any platform kills you. Social media ensures that you market yourself to a broad audience that is active and will appreciate your work. Bloggers should have more than one social media account on the various platforms available to them. Link these accounts to your blog so that those that reach out to you on social media can look at your work follow your blog. Make sure that you use the correct link so that they have no issue.

4. Not inviting comments

Your blog should have a comment section where your readers can include feedback. Not having one means that you do not know what they thought of your work and thus miss out on their thoughts. A comment section will ensure direct communication with your readers so that they can also appreciate the excellent job you do. If they need clarifications on anything, the comment section will be the best place to leave their questions, and you can respond to it as soon as possible.

5. Writing on topics not worth reading about

Picking the right topics that readers will search and read is quite important. Your choice of what you write will determine if you gain an audience or not. It’s, therefore, essential to look at what your audience is looking for and write about it. Writing about topics that no one cares about means that there will be no one interested in reading about it, so you will be wasting your precious time trying to impress no one. Plan before you start writing so that you catch your target audience’s eye with a topic that will suit their reading appetite.

6. Poor grammar and low-quality content

The quality of your content will determine a reader will be interested in keeping on reading. Writing articles with issues to do with grammar, punctuations, typos, and low-quality content is one thing that will kill your blog. Invest in some useful writing techniques and tools to see to it that you will have no complaints from your audience once you post a blog. As part of trying to be better, read other people’s blogs, books, articles, and scripts so that you can have an idea and blueprint of what is expected from you and purpose to achieve. Invest also into the best and ensure that your blog is also of the write length. You can look at and learn how you should organize your wording to fit the required words needed. 

7. Being a lone wolf

There is always greatness in networking with others. As a blogger going into the venture and staying alone is not the best idea for you. You need to connect and build relationships with likeminded people. Networking will help you develop trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships from your mates and ensure that you learn from the mistakes of others. Bloggers coming together and working ensures that they make the best of what they post and support each other for success and popularity by mentioning and acknowledging each other’s work.

Food for thought

When you blog for business or for personal, acknowledging these mistakes that will kill your blog post is essential. Each wrong you make will result in some negative results, and thus it’s better to avoid them while you can. Do not assume that you can write anything or anyhow and still expect your audience to applaud you. There are lots of bloggers out there, and each is competing to be successful and gain a massive audience. Be competent in what you do, accept and avoid mistakes, and take credit where it’s due. Practice as much as you can because it will help you get better with time.

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