7 New Technology Trends in Software Development


The software development environment keeps changing and evolving with time. New innovations in different fields of technology have triggered new demands and new solutions. There are many new trends in software development that have been driving the market towards better solutions. Here are 7 new technology trends to be expected in this ecosystem in the near future.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding place in almost all technology areas. And its impact is already being seen in how a software development company develops programs. Studies show that over 40% of organizations are going to rely on AI to automate their processes. According to latest stats, the AI industry is expected to grow to $1.2 trillion this year.

2. Application of Mixed Reality

Experienced based on virtual reality and physical user presence are coming together to deliver more information and value to users. You can see increased application of ‘mixed reality’ in creating software development. The technology can be especially beneficial when it comes to customer interaction with your product or service.

There is increased emphasis on creating and using augmented reality computing platforms. Mixed reality and 3D mapping are also finding applications in ARE games and educational programs.

3. Blockchain Technology

While blockchain technology gave Bitcoin to the world, it is also finding widespread application in various industries. It is a peer-to-peer network of computers that store information. It enables quick and cost-effective authentication of transactions at large scale.

Blockchain is being used for applications involving data, supply chain, administration and much more. Leading technology companies are launching new blockchain platforms and collaborating with financial organizations, thus increasing the demand for blockchain-based applications.

4. Short-Code Development

Also known as low-code development, this trend in software development has evolved fast. It makes it possible to build and deploy applications quickly. The trend is expected to play a bigger role in software development, replacing conventional development techniques. It is also simpler for developers because it requires lesser expertise in coding.

5. Progressive Web Applications

There is a growing prevalence of web-based solutions and it is expected to grow more. It is expected that web apps can become as important if not more as mobile apps in the near future.

  • Progressive web applications are easier to create
  • These apps are also easier to maintain
  • They offer the best of both web and mobile apps
  • These applications can make the most of the vast web community, plugins, and ecosystem

They combine the advantages of mobile experience and the features of browser technology.

6. Wearables

Software development can now also focus on creating applications compatible with wearable technology. This includes a wide range of wearable systems which are currently available, including:

  • Fitness trackers
  • Smart watches
  • Sensor-based shoes
  • Snapchat Spectacles

As technology giants continue to add new and innovative wearable technologies to the market, there is increased demand for compatible applications.

7. Digital Twins Technology

Another area where software development is going to evolve is in the Digital Twins concept based on IoT. A digital twin of an appliance is its version in the digital environment. This includes digital twins of home appliances that feature sensors and smart components. These systems gather huge volume of data to be processed and analyzed.

The technology increases user experience in different ways:

  • Addressing issues before they occur
  • Developing new functionalities
  • Preventing downtime

The technology is finding applications in areas like smart cities, healthcare, real-time navigable systems.

So these technology trends are expected to play more important roles in software development in the near future. There is going to be increased emphasis on data privacy and cybersecurity than ever before. The recent spate of the data security breach at a major social media network and the implementation of new legislation like GDPR are also going to influence software development scenarios.

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