7 Ways to Improve Selling Skills this 2020

Improving your team selling skills is essential since it will make your company more competitive. It will drive more sales and boost your business growth. However, the ability to build relationships with the consumer and persuade them to buy is something that not every person can do, and even existing salesmen have to learn new things and upgrade their selling skills. Having said that, below, we have listed some essential ways on how to improve your sales team selling skills this 2020.

1. Attend Sales Training

Sales and marketing through the years continue to evolve. In fact, what you thought was effective today may not be as effective tomorrow. Sales training and professional development are essential to keep your team selling skills fresh and updated with current sales trends. It gives your organization a competitive advantage. While having them trained in a traditional approach is still possible, you might want to enroll them in online selling courses instead. When choosing an online sales training course, consider learning the friction-free sales environment, social selling, and other current sales methodologies.

2. Implement Role-Play

Since in the field of selling, your team will be dealing with different kinds of people, and surely they’ll be handling different situations like handling objections or answering endless inquiries from consumers. With this, is it essential to let them practice and master the basic flow of conversation through role-playing? Furthermore, when they master how to handle common objections, and are able to satisfy their clients, it will surely increase their morale as well as confidence in their chosen career. 

3. Enhance their Public Speaking

Even people who are in sales can still have a fear of public speaking. To enhance their public speaking capabilities, they need to do a lot of practice. After all, the more they get used to it, the less nervous they’ll be. Since they are your front liners when it comes to introducing your brand to your target consumers, they must be a confident communicator. They need to learn how to conduct product demos as well as sales presentations confidently than ever. And besides, confident communication is also vital not only for their success but for the success of your brand as well.

4. Find a Mentor

Finding an excellent mentor that will teach your team about friction-free sales environment, social selling, and other current sales methodologies can also significantly improve your sales team performance. Through one on one training with a coach can improve performance up to 25% according to some research, and those who received quality coaching were even able to exceed expectations and hit more than their required sales quota. One way to make this approach is by requesting someone who has years of experience (probably one of the sales managers or higher ops) in sales to mentor your sales team one by one at least once every three months. You can also opt to hire sales mentors outside your organization as long as they can provide good portfolios. 

5. Encourage Them to Ask Questions

Learning starts by asking essential questions, especially when it comes to improving their skills in sales as well as interpersonal skills needed for building customer relationships. Make sure that your sales team is open in asking questions, especially when it comes to handling different types of objections and know how to respond, respectively correctly. With this, they can easily handle those objections when they come up again. Aside from asking questions about their roles, it is also essential to learn the right questions when dealing with potential clients and how to catch their interest. 

6. Improve Prospecting Skills

To improve your sales team performance, it is also essential to improve their prospecting skills that may also include hosting webinars, warm calls, and prospecting in social media. To do this, you need to review a lot of their sales calls and study what went wrong and what did well. Ask other managers or colleagues about your team’s individual performance and look for areas that need improvement, especially in terms of their communication and prospecting skills.

7. Stay Connected to the Customer

The best way to make a sale is to effectively build rapport with their potential prospects even to an existing one. They must understand that the best way to build rapport is to have an authentic conversation and not too pushy in closing a sale. A good salesman should focus on the client’s needs and how the company’s product should become the perfect solution. 

Final Thought

It is vital to be open to professional development opportunities to improve your sales team performance. Use these ways we mentioned above to refine your team sales skills and boost your numbers continuously.

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