7 Ways Your Phone System Can Hurt Your Business

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Even though we live and work in a digital world, the majority of companies still use phone systems in order to conduct their business. However, some of them are using systems that cannot keep the pace with modern times demands. The old phone systems cannot compete with newer technologies. Whatmore, it can even hurt your business. When it comes to VoIP phone systems, many business owners adopt the old-fashioned mindset. They would probably say – do not fix it if it’s not broken. That may have work in the past, but new times brings new business challenges that you need to adapt to. Mobile So, the best moment to replace your old phone system is before it really becomes an issue.

Mobile phones and VoIP technology have taken over the primacy in the era of modern telephone systems. By switching to modern communication systems, you’ll have many benefits such as reducing costs or linking remote business units to one network. But, above all, you’ll have a stable and better quality connection at a much more affordable price.

Signs That Your Business Need A Phone System Replacement

1. Often experiencing dropped calls.

Nothing can disturb you as much as the interruption or a dropped line in the middle of an important conversation. If you face frequent system failures or “lose” people while they’re on the line, it’s a sign you need a phone system replacement. Practically it means your phone system can’t keep up with demands. If you experience poor sound quality, it is also a symptom that your phone system is unreliable.

2. When phones are down, the business gets down

Sometimes outages are impossible to avoid. If your enterprise cannot conduct business during an outage, you are in a risk of losing business. That is why you need to consider replacing your company’s phone system with another, more reliable one.

3. Old Phone Systems Provide Poor Customer Experience.

Old phone systems often face problems like poor sound quality, mismatching in calls routing, etc. If your phone system routes callers through a maze of prompts without delivering them to the right person or department – it can be frustrating. Today, business depends on the reliability of the communication systems. The modern business operates in a competitive environment. That means it requires more advanced communication and IT systems. Contemporary VoIP solutions can significantly reduce telephone bills. It is primarily due to the elimination of long-distance and international calls. By connecting all business units to a unified system, VoIP telephony allows free calls between users within the same network. For companies that have a large number of branch offices and field workers, this is a great advantage.

Your employees will have more control over voice and email messages and will be able forward them to colleagues. Using this system, you’ll be also able to invite each other and establish conference calls. Productivity programs can transform desktop applications into a multimedia call center. That will allow you calling from a database, contact screen pop-up, call identification and calendar integration. Customer experience will be highly improved. Also, your employees will be working considerably easier.

4. Old Telephone Systems Are Hard To Use.

When using older phone systems, we usually have to consult a manual to perform simple tasks such as conference calls. Some systems are facing difficulties in transferring a call without losing the connection. The more difficult is to operate the system, the less it will be used. And that means less productivity.

5.Limited Features Of Old Phone Systems

A long time ago, the only needed feature of a phone system was the ability to transfer calls or maybe conducting conference calls. Nowadays, business needs require much more. If your system is not able to give you a voice mail or sync your mobile contacts – you’ll be missing out on some of the best options of new technology. Not to mention the loss of your precious time and decreased efficiency.

6. The Old Phone System Cannot Be Updated

Maintenance of an older phone system can be a real challenge. Especially if something breaks. On the other hand, modern technology rapidly develops, and you may find hard to locate parts for your outdated system. Keep that in mind when running your own company, since that can do damage to your business.

7. You Cannot Scale The Old Phone System.

Most companies experience their growth and business development. But, an outdated phone system cannot keep up with these changes. Your business may reach its limit in technical equipment. For instance, how many handsets you can use, or paying for phone seats your staff no longer use. Many enterprises have multiple locations. Many of them are hiring in-house and remote workers. You may find quite difficult to connect everyone without using new technological equipment. A system that you are not able to scale is a system that will cost you in the long run.

VoIP Phone Systems Are Worth Of Investment

The major thing about VoIP technology is that it is much more adaptable and feature-rich. Instead of trying to adapt your business needs to the limits of an older phone system, you can choose the one that fits your needs. Many VoIP providers have extensive experience in configuring the system that will fit your business demands. So, remember that, and don’t let your old phone system cost you.

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