Eight Best Puzzle Games For Android In 2020

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So you’re stuck at home in a lazy stupor, passing your days lazing around? Well, guess what? The world has your back. All over the globe, people have thrown routine, as their disciplined lives screeched to a halt after a phenomenon of unprecedented seriousness. As the lockdown period stretched on, people complained of productivity, of losing their edge and feeling too depressed to pull themselves back up.

What you need in such uncertain times is something that keeps your brain ticking and your senses sharp. Something to shake away the blues and retain some of that animal magnetism you possessed. And what better option to turn to, than that little device, nested 24×7 within the palm of your hand?

Our phones are powerhouses now. They have evolved into sophisticated machines that cater to our whims and fancies, and serve our requirements with medical precision. Coming to an Android device- perhaps the most popular OS existing within a huge cross demographic, it has developed to give you a solution to everything you need using sites WordUnscramblerz one can shove away issues regarding English Language. With apps that help you set reminders, make grocery lists, and fall asleep to curated music playlists to OTT viewing, everything is just a download away. So, in these turbulent times of a troubled mental space, why not turn to the most approachable media for our rescue?

It is not difficult to understand that there exist millions of apps that have been made to keep your brains sharp and focused. The arcade genre is perhaps the most popular one among consumers- for it is challenging, fluid, and super enticing. So here’s a list of 8 best puzzle games for Android in 2020, that will set your neurons firing and clear away the clouds fogging your minds.

1. Brain It On!

A seemingly straightforward game that looks easy on paper, but sends you thinking on your feet. Physics is fun and teaches us how mechanics function around us. With an engaging UI and interactive levels to mesmerize you, this game can be a great time killer, without engaging you in mindless time wastage. With various ways to solve a degree, it helps you in exploring your creativity in education backed apps.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Perhaps one of the most popular games existing in the Play store, Candy Crush, has been mesmerizing players with its addictive levels and highly competitive environment. With an endless array of increasingly challenging standards that judge your grouping and spotting skills, the game has been critically acclaimed for being colorful, animated, and surprisingly fun. With a simple enough premise of matching candies to cover requirements, the complex combinations make it a great game to beat.

3. 2048

Another Math based puzzle game that measures your number matching capabilities, this minimalistic game gives you a grid of multiple of 2 that need to be matched before the network is exhausted. Simple? Wait till the numbers start piling up and you are left scratching your head trying to figure out the puzzle. With a simple logic and challenging execution, this game will take up your hours and leave you longing for more.

4. Sudoku

The app that had gained followers long before it was digitized, Sudoku, is a crucial skill to master. Not just as a time killer, the kind of skills it endorses makes your brain sharper and also gives you a problem-solving edge. The game has been beautifully made and gives you the impression of its traditional newspaper-based cousin. With its fluid UI and increasingly obscure grids keeping you engaged throughout, this is one game you should try beating during this pandemic.

5. Atomas

Love exploring the world of Chemistry? Do the nitty-gritty of elements and their specifics fascinate you? Then Atomas is the game for you. With a circular ring studded with features, the list of the game is to match elements with the same atomic numbers and multiply them to the highest part you can. The grid fills up fast, and you need to be strategic if you want to beat it. But it is so much fun that time loses its concept once you’re engrossed. With well-made graphics and fluid gameplay, this is a game you can check out.

6. Infinity Loop

A fun way to increase your logical skills, the focus of the game is to create intricate loops to fulfill the requirements of the level. The lines need to be joined; the circles need to be closed. But is it as easy as it seems? Think again. With a relaxing backdrop bundled within a super challenging agenda- this game can help you solve problems with its varying difficulties and wide range of levels.

7. That Level Again

With gameplay that could be called spooky, this puzzle game throws you into the middle of a post-apocalyptic setup with booby traps lining every step. The catch? The level stays the same, but the difficulty and the pitfalls change every time. You can never expect the same thread twice, and perhaps that’s what makes it such an interesting puzzle to unravel. Spontaneity is vital, and it requires your undivided attention to cross. Beware, for the threat, always lingers.

8. Cut The Rope

Another highly popular strategy game since its inception, this game wants you to cut a rope and feed Om Nom his candies. It may sound childish, but tests your skills in physics and your presence of mind to correctly estimate the candy’s trajectory as it falls into the waiting Om Nom’s mouth. Highly addictive, exciting- this game is your one-stop solution if you are looking to brush up your physics in a fun way.

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