8 Best Travel Accessories, According to Frequent Travelers


As you know that, the biggest hobby of most of us is traveling. Holidays, city trips, adventure trips, backpacking etc… At least two, three or four times a year we set out to explore new cities, countries, beaches or islands. The farther and the stranger, the better!

One of the things I totally rely on for my better part is the packing and organization of our complete luggage. As much as I love to think of routes, find flights and plan our trip, I hate to pack it! I am all the happier that I can fully rely on my partner. She’s much the packer. She always remembers to add at-least one of my Custom Backpacks into the luggage. Wise woman!

With the many journeys that we have already made, some things have accumulated in the meantime that we no longer want to give away while traveling, because they either make life easier in the everyday life of the trip, or because they are simply beautiful and practical.They have become somewhat inevitable – items like our phones for instance, to keep us company on the trip. On them we can enjoy our favorite videos, songs and rhymes.

We would like to show you a few of these things – so that you can start the next journey a little more relaxed

Cable Organizer, Adapter and Cable Bag

When traveling in pairs, a lot of cables come together today.

Charging cable for mobile phones, iPad, MacBook is a must. In addition, you need the specific adapters for different countries. Don’t forget a few USB cables for the external hard drive and cables for the camera as well.

We’ve found a small pencil case on Amazon, which can carry together all the clutter and cleverly combines all the mess!

Indispensable for us…

Especially if you are traveling with the backpack and you would like to have all the cables together.

Passport Folder, Passport Wallet, Card and Travel Documents

They are one of our absolute favorite travel essentials. I myself lost my passport in the US for hours when I was returning to my home which was a bit of a shiver for me. Since then, the most important documents are treated like raw eggs! Such a pencil case is perfect for that!


It is important accessory especially for transit zones, such as airports or similar. I would not exchange my fanny pack for anything. Money, debit card, boarding pass and everything else is always ready to hand and, above all, safe.

Anyone who has ever been on a night train in Thailand knows that they are very safe, but it is still a good feeling to have your cell phone, money and ID right in front of you while you sleep.


Having a compact and lightweight lighting accessory comes very handy while traveling. Friendship lamps are my favorite ones. They are not only functional, but provide fun as well. The light is dimmable and you can set the intensity according to your needs. Moreover, you can get connected with your friends in a creative manner.

A Comfortable Travel Backpack with Daypack

Depending on the type of trip, of course, always the question of whether backpack, or hard case.

I personally love trekking backpacks because they are simply more convenient to transport. Especially in countries where streets are not so finely paved, or you sometimes move a little in the hinterland, I personally never wanted to pull a suitcase behind me. Even on train travel, the backpack is simply better to stow than the bulky suitcase. We both have backpacks and are very happy with them! The attached daypack is perfect for day trips and replaces carry-on and handbag.

Always Prefer your Convenience

Long flights, bus or train rides can quickly cloud the holiday mood. Especially in the narrow plane, in which you already have a queasy feeling with you, only limited getting up and can walk around and the possibility to sleep is not comfortable at all. I try every time everything imaginable to do so that the time passes quickly and the comfort is possible. For this we have accumulated a lot of accessories, which are as follows:

Neck Collar/Pillow

Our two neck pillows have been belied for years.

A practical tip: You can quickly change from a pillow to a croissant and vice versa. On the plane I need a pillow, because you can often lean on nowhere. In the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the pillow was worth gold!

Noise-canceling headphones

In the airplane, there is a constant high volume. The sounds of the turbines, the wind noise, screaming babies and children can quickly sets you off. The headphones, which you get from the airline before the start, are not much comfortable, and of course they are not noise canceling ones.

With good noise canceling headphones, you listen high quality of sound, only. It doesn’t matter if they are only meant to give you peace of mind or if you want to use them for entertainment purpose – it just makes traveling so much more enjoyable. And it does not have to be expensive. Bose QuietComfort, is also very good noise canceling headphones for less than 150 dollars.

Sleep mask/blindfold

I am always having a hard time falling asleep while traveling. Especially in the night trains from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok, we had the problem that the light, which is on all night, directly onto the sleeping bunk disturbed me a lot.

For really little money, there is a remedy. A sleep mask costs only $5 – $7 and provides comfort to your eyes while you sleep.

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