8 Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord – 2020 Reviews


There is a havoc popularity voice changing programs and processes when you come down to gaming and YouTube streaming of other famous gamers. In the meantime, having a conversation in discord, many people prefer to utilize voice changing tools to change their voices which is possible in real-time. It is not unknown a fact that PUBG players also utilize voice changing manipulators while they play the game.

However, as the various features of discord support voice and text-dependent chat services thus there is an option of changing your voice while utilizing discord. Below mentioned are some of the voice changer apps as well as software for changing the voice while using discord. These can be utilized for both private and personal reasons.

#1 Voicemod

voice changer for discord - voicemod

One of the greatest voice changing apps that can be used while discording is definitely Voicemod. It is user-friendly software with lots of voices installed in it. Other than discord, it can be also used in many other voice chat services which are inclusive of Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Hangout and Mumble. The tones and sounds offered in this application are much more natural than the usual and it comprises of a hundred of mods. The app also has the power of transforming the real-time voice. Another benefit of it, lies in its free trial version for a few times. It is well supported in windows and also easy to set up.

#2 AV Voice Changer Software

voice changers for discord - AV Voice

This voice changer software consists of professional sphere and grade which offers the provision of both usages in real-time services like Discord and Twitch along with the recording of your voice and option of editing the voice waveforms to make it natural and usual.

The voice which is accepted by the software can be transformed and characterized into any type of modified voice quality. The application comes handy with advanced virtual driver technology to make it adjacent with role-playing games and different voice chat applications. The various versions of it are respectively gold, basic and diamond. Here the free trial version is also accessible with premium plans. It is also applicable in windows like the previous.

#3 ClownFish

discord voice changer - Clownfish

ClownFish is one the greatest free voice changing apps for discord. It provides you with the option of changing your voice while chatting on discord. ClownFish is so well accustomed to the system level that any application can be used for the modification of your voice.

Other than discord, the other applications where the software ClownFish can be used are respectively; TeamSpeak, Steam, Skype, Mumble, hangout and similarly few others. ClownFish can bring out various voice effects. Some of them are respectively; Clone, Mutation, Alien, Atari, Male Pitch, female Pitch etc. It is user friendly and easy to set up the software. The application is applicable in the windows platform and also it is free software.

#4 MorphVox Jr

voice modulator for discord - Morph

MorphVox Jr is also a free voice changing application with the provision of the minimal interface. It is also considered as a free audio effect tool. You are enabled to utilize built-in voices and several sound effects which are preinstalled in it.

The application analyses the voice changes and performs the maximum voice change effects. The obvious disadvantage of it is that it is supported by various advertisements and not easy software for performing the setup. But it provides an enhanced sound quality. It functions on the platform of windows and is free software.

#5 Voxal Voice Changer

best voice changer for discord - Voxal

Voxal Voice Changer is considered as a superb voice changing application. It brings forth in the table a lot of voice changing features where you are optimized with recording voice in the given real-time as well as can also effect in the recorded voice. You can as well sync and talk in discord with parallel usage in real time.

The software also functions in other voice chat applications which are respectively; Skype, hangout, etc. Some voice effects of it are successively Alien and echo. The compatibility of this software is very enhanced along with it is specially notified for its user-friendliness and easy set up program. The application is available in the platform of windows and web.

#6 Super Voice Changer

voice modifier for discord - Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer is particularly reckoned as a lightweight and casual desktop software for changing and molding the voice. The are no definite voice pre-sets which are installed in the device, rather than there is an existence of manual settings to bring out the custom voice. It is a very fast software and also offers the provision of fairly genuine customization. Other than discord, the software is well accessible and available to other services. There are still options of certain alterations and moderations. Apart from it, this is a free, user friendly and east to setup software that properly functions on windows.

#7 Discord Voice Changer

pc voice changer for discord - Discord Voice Changer

Discord Voice Changer is considered and reckoned as one of the greatest software for android to change the voice in discord. It has a lots of preinstalled voice pre-sets and the connection towards the discord is quite strong and tangible which can be relied upon. However, the app doesn’t possess any of its personal websites but it can be always availed and gained from third-party sources.

#8 VoiceFX

discord voice changer android - VoiceFX

VoiceFX is well recognized as an android voice changer which is popular for its simplicity. It functions also properly. You can do various activities with your audio which are respectively; firstly, you can stream your audio with various effects and outputs as well as you can also record, edit and upload the audio to other channels. Other MP3 files are also supported to run in this software.

There are various applications as well as separate web browsers are supported in this software. Some of the popular effects are respectively; Robot, male, female and kid. However, the setup is easy and as well as it is also user friendly and free software.

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