8 Instagram Marketing Tips Every Instagrammer Should Follow

Instagram: the ultimate platform for clicking, editing, and sharing photos. In the very beginning, it was just another photo editing app for GenZ, but gradually people realized they can do a lot more using this site.

Today, social media users feel more secure on Instagram than Facebook because of its privacy policies and user status. Instagram users aren’t as large as Facebook, but it still ranks number 6 on the most used social media platform in 2020.

A massive 800 million people use this platform monthly with over 60 million photos posted each day, so give us one reason why would you not take advantage of this app to leverage your brand identity?

It’s easy to use, it’s popular, and most importantly, brands all around the world gained huge success utilizing it. Just follow the Instagram marketing tips below, and we’re hoping you’ll be able to do the same!

#1. You Need a Separate Business Profile

Firstly, if you have a personal Instagram account already, you need to switch to a business profile. Go to the “Account” option from your Instagram Settings. Then, tap “Switch to Professional Account.” Next, follow the instructions step by step, and your professional account will be ready to use.

There are many benefits to using a separate business profile. Your followers can contact you through the contact number you provided, you can create Instagram ads using Instagram’s own options, and you can even gather your business profile’s analytics using free Instagram tools.

#2. Utilize Free Instagram Tools Well

Instagram provides free business analytics tools for its users. You can track down insights like impressions, demographics, engagement data, and more.

If you do your research and understand your audience, you can easily set age, gender, location, and active hours using demographics. This helps to specify your TG as well.

Furthermore, you can get user interaction reports using these tools. The better your content is, the better your followers will interact with them. So, after analyzing the reports, you’ll understand where your content needs improvement.

#3. Post Visually Attractive Content

Visually appealing images are the heart of Instagram feeds. According to a research study, almost 60% of the major brands post visuals with a consistent look. Follow a pattern, but make sure it goes with your brand image.

Following a pattern doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always stick to exactly the same type of content. Keep a few surprises for your followers. Consumers these days gravitate towards candid shots. So, instead of always using high-saturation filters, go for low-key editing styles at times to keep it natural.

Two or three relevant and visually appealing content uploads every day will help your page come into the notice of Instagram users.

#4. Choose the Right Hashtags

Instagram literally worships hashtags. So, you can imagine how important using hashtags are; it can either make or break your content.

The key is to research the right hashtag that matches your content. The shortcut is to search for a popular and relevant hashtag for your content using the search option and then notice how many likes it got. If it works with your post, apply it.

Don’t overfill your content with unnecessary hashtags. Big brands usually go for 7-8 hashtags max.

Create a short and catchy brand hashtag for your own brand. Using a branded hashtag like the brand ColourPop did (#ColourPopMe) can promote your business even more. It’s best if you can place your brand hashtag in your bio for everyone to notice.

#5. Make the Best Use of Instagram Stories

The first thing a user sees upon visiting an Instagram profile are the clickable circular sections called Insta stories. These are basically short videos, boomerangs, or gifs that remain in your feed for almost 24 hours.

You surely have to make the best use of your stories if you want to elevate your business. Unlike Instagram static posts, these are temporary, so you can upload as much as you like.

The latest “See More” feature allows you to add clickable business website links to your story. However, this option is only available if you have more than 10,000 followers.

Don’t forget to add CTAs to your stories. It’ll drive more Instagram traffic to your website.

Moreover, the stories make your brand look authentic. The followers get notifications if a pre-scheduled story gets shared, so it’s a good approach to draw their attention too.

#6.  Create Product Teasers and Host Contests

If you own a business account, then your main purpose is to create more sales. On Instagram, you can do that through product teasers, or subtle promotions of the item you sell.

Gentle and laid-back testers are classier and get more attention on Instagram. Another way to promote your brand is to host contests. Weekly hashtag challenges or contests allow customer engagement.

Your teasers or contests should be as such that the customers engage with them. Otherwise, there is no point. To generate more engagements, a hack is to buy Instagram followers online. More followers mean more interactions. Thus, more exposures.

Though there are no direct share options on Instagram, the users can download another app called “Repost” and share the content to participate in a contest. As rewards, there can be monthly giveaways organized for them.

#7. Handling Sponsored Ads

Just like Facebook, you can set ad budgets for Instagram as well. Sponsored ads, if targeted properly, can be extremely helpful in promoting your products and generating sales.

The new carousel feature allows multiple ads to be showcased together. Once you set sponsored ads and target your desired audience, you can reach out to more audiences other than your existing followers.

#8. Partner-up with Instagram Influencers

Influencers are the ones with huge fan followings on Instagram, so their word matters. Reach out to the influencers who match your brand image and ask them to mention your work or give product reviews.

You may have to pay them a certain amount, but you’ll get faster results. Remember to partner up with influencers who share the same niche interest as you and actively reply to comments.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is an amazing platform if you can track the metrics right and implement them in future strategies. Take lessons from each approach and do better in the next.

Don’t be disheartened if your initial performance doesn’t go well. It’s not really possible to master Instagram marketing in a day. Follow the steps we mentioned above and slowly build your brand image.

We hope your hard work pays off.

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