8 Interesting Ways to Make Money in Cryptocurrency That Isn’t Trading


You can make some money from crypto using several different methods. Some of them are well known, while others are starting to become more popular. The market is wide open, so if you want to become a bitcoin affiliate, now is the time to invest. If you’re still hesitant about going all in, take a look at these eight ways to make money from cryptocurrency.

8. Gambling Is An Option

At first this seems like a bad idea for anyone that wants to make money. But gambling and cryptocurrency fit well together for multiple reasons. There are more online betters offering free cryptocurrency to new users to gamble with instead of the usual credit. By doing this, gambling companies can offer a larger incentive over the usual methods for new users to play. This is often a risk-free proposition that will cost you nothing but time. If you win, you get to cash out according to the websites policies. Lose all of the crypto they gave you, and the most you’ve lost is time. There are no shortages of feel good stories that include new players winning big on their first try.

7. You Can Get Tipped In Bitcoin

The most amazing thing about the tips is that it can be done in person or online. You can get tipped for any service, and there are even donations done by bitcoin. This isn’t groundbreaking, and is no different than an online tip jar. The difference has more to do with the convenience of cryptocurrency vs. cash tips and online financial services. There are countless different payment services to use for online tipping. Things can get a bit convoluted when trying to cater to all of the services. With cryptocurrency, you can streamline how you get donations. More and more people are starting to appreciate the simplicity of the business model, so accepting tips with cryptocurrency is a viable way to make money.

6. Become An Expert

Writing about cryptocurrency has become so important to the industry that it is a paid position. Becoming a reliable source of information for cryptocurrency is lucrative due to its growth. More people are becoming interested in using cryptocurrency as a backup and main payment. There are several angles to take when writing, and once you find a voice, people are more likely to return. Those repeat viewers are the audience that will either tip you in cryptocurrency, or buy related products or services. This tip can easily turn from something you do as a hobby to a full-time job that you can depend on.

5. Ever Heard Of A Bitcoin Faucet?

Media turns a profit by showing you as many ads as possible. This ambitious way of making money has grown into its own industry, with a love it or hate it relationship from customers. In order to fine tune the experience, companies use targeted ads. This is preferred by both sides, and is a great way to get the message of a product to the most interested people. And this is where a bitcoin faucet comes in, and turns it up a notch. By voluntarily watching a few days and answering surveys, you’ll improve the user experience for millions. The only difference is you’ll get paid for something that everyone else does for free. The payouts in cryptocurrency can be really valuable if you hit the right websites at the right time.

4. Mining Is Still A Thing

The original way to make money with cryptocurrency is with mining. This is still a favorable way to make money, even with hash rates becoming more difficult. The good news is that the price of video cards has gone down a lot, with entire mining rigs selling at a discount. If you’re in it for the long term, then mining cryptocurrency will make you a decent amount of money. It takes patience, an understanding of the market and a little bit of luck. Just like stocks, diversify to get the most out of the coins you mine.

3. Jobs Now Accept Cryptocurrency

Jobs that used to accept cryptocurrency as payment were limited to entry level or below minimum wage positions. Now it isn’t uncommon to see large projects funded solely through cryptocurrency. This applies to local and international dealings, so there is definitely widespread acceptance of the market. Finding a job that pays this way has multiple benefits if you’re already involved in cryptocurrency. On the employer side, it can also help with project overhead when you’re sitting on a mountain of coins but don’t have a large bank account.

2. Pay To Click

Pay to click websites are similar to bitcoin faucet. The difference is this is less about fine tuning a commercial experience and more about brute forcing ads. These particular websites make money by ad revenue, so they share the profits to you in bitcoin by clicking on their ads and watching their videos. This is a lot less interactive than bitcoin faucet, but is a simple way to make a lot of cryptocurrency. There are limits placed on each account, so this isn’t an unlimited way to boost your finances. For the small amount of effort it takes to get through the ads, there is no reason to ignore this as a prime way to make money.

1. Accept It As A Payment System

If your shopping cart is not set up to accept crypto, then you’re losing money as a business. For some people, this is a make it or break it inclusion when buying products or services. With some content management systems, this becomes trivial to add to your online store. Don’t miss out on a potential sale by ignoring the huge market that is cryptocurrency.

Wrap Up

The power of cryptocurrency has changed the way the world operates. If you have even a small hint of how to manage digital funds, cryptocurrency can be a big win for you. It is the safest way to handle money in a security conscious marketplace.

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