8 Personality Traits Of A Good HR Manager


A human resource manager performs an indispensable role in a company. That entails hiring and managing the company’s employees. A professional degree or accolades don’t suffice for an HR manager’s role. You must also possess certain personality traits that benefit the organization’s overall growth.

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However, if you’re eyeing an HR manager’s position, below are the personality traits that’ll make you a perfect candidate.

  1. Strong Leadership

An HR manager plays the most significant role in a company. He/she is the leader of a company instead of a business partner. They also manage the most fundamental resource of a company, i.e, its employees.

Thus, for a good HR manager, strong leadership skills are integral. A strong leader guides the employees in the right direction, keeps them motivated, and utilizes their skills that benefit their personal goals along with the company’s overall objectives.

  1. Skilled Communicator

An HR manager interacts with all the people of a company, from employees to unions. They also manage conflicts between employees and management. For this reason, their communication skills must be clear, succinct, and effective. Keep in mind, effective communication also includes good listening and negotiating abilities.

  1. Ethical

Companies have certain rules, principles, and moral standards that every employee must adhere to. Plus, HR managers are the moral compass of a company. They undertake the responsibility to follow company policies, handle confidential data, and keep a check on employee’s moral sense. If the HR manager is unethical, one cannot implement ethical behavior in employees. Therefore, honesty, integrity, impartiality, and discretion are important characteristics of an HR manager.

  1. Empathetic Attitude

Successful human resource management is through patience and compassion when dealing with the company’s people. Consequently, a good HR manager is the one whose approach is humane and kind. Being empathetic towards employees and managers creates a healthy workplace. An empathetic attitude makes employees feel they’re heard and aren’t mere tools for the organization’s success.

  1. Problem Solver

The HR manager faces different challenges such as legal, financial, employee conflicts, superior-subordinate disputes, and more. Thus, you should be able to find practical solutions to different problems. Addressing problems is when your communication, negotiation, and analytical skills come handy. Moreover, employees trust HR managers only if he/she addresses their problems efficiently and swiftly.

  1. Quick Decision Maker

Each day a new challenge or conflict arises in a company. Being an HR manager, you work on your toes with loads of work to accomplish and deadlines to meet. Thus, you must be capable of taking prompt decisions on day-to-day issues. This enables you to draw a quick conclusion on regular issues, so your complete focus is on urgent matters.

  1. Highly Organized

If you want to work as an HR manager, you need to improve your organizational skills. HR managers have plenty of responsibilities to carry on their shoulders. This can get very challenging and stressful even for the most suitable ones.

Fortunately, organization and time management skills enable HR managers to stay on top of things. Being organized ensures you achieve more in less time, reduces stress levels while improving your credibility. A good HR manager also keeps their desk or cabin tidy and in order.

  1. Trustworthy

The most important personality trait of a good HR manager is trustworthiness. Employees and managers must be able to communicate and share their issues with the HR manager. This is possible if they deem you worthy of their trust. Apart from being trustworthy, you must be considerate of their personal information. Moreover, being a trustworthy HR manager gives you credibility.

To conclude this article, a good HR manager must be patient, focus on several issues at once while maintaining confidentiality. The above are a few traits that’ll make a good HR manager an excellent one.

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