8 Ways How HRIS System Changes the Way Human Resources Work

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In this competitive world, companies work hard and fast to keep up with the demands and be on top of the human chain. With the increasing demands from the customers, there has been an increase in the providers of products/services. This in turn, has increased competition amongst different companies offering the same product/service. Customers want only the best and in order to provide the best of services, organizations have to push the ante up and come up with innovative approaches.

Competition in these times is only going to increase and so companies need to adopt approaches that will help them achieve their goals quicker. For any organization to function smoothly and effectively, HR managers are chosen on behalf of the company. The HR happens to play a pivotal role in developing, strengthening and also bringing about a change in the culture of the organization.

What is HRIS?

HRIS means Human Resource Information System. It is a management system that is built to connect HR with information technology with the help of Cloud HR system. Cloud HRIS mainly helps in storing, processing and managing data of the company’s employees. This data includes names of the employees, their addresses, social security numbers, national IDs, work information and their family’s information. Apart from that, it also helps HR managers in recruiting new people, tracking applicants, managing time and attendance, performance appraisals, accounting functions, and employee benefits. One could refer to it as a smart database that holds employee information.

But cloud HRIS is more complex than it seems. It is a variety of systems that have different functions and provide various inputs. Here’s a list of tasks that that different HR tools perform.

–        Manages master data

–        Manages time, attendance, leaves and absence

–        Employee self-services and Manager self-services

–        Provides administration benefits.

–        Manages organizational positions and departments

–        Streamlines workflow

–        Tracking of recruiters and applicants

–        Performance appraisals

–        Reporting and analyzing data

–        Compensation management

–        Training tracking

–        Manages salaries

These are the various tasks that different HR tools provide. One can even opt for an integrated system that holds one database but works on more than one aspect.

For example. A company may have payroll software and performance management software separately.  Both of these are tools of the HRIS system. The payroll system looks after the pay-slips and salaries of the employees. It makes functioning smooth and free of errors, thus saving the company from overpaying or underpaying their employees. The payroll software is an advanced platform that even reduces legal risks, therefore leading to smooth management that brings along no kind of employment litigation, judgement, penalties, etc. Performance Management Software is mainly designed to shape and improve the employee’s performance in the corporate setup. It is a process that is deployed by the organization to push their employees to perform better and efficiently so that they can reach their decided goal. The Performance Management Software also helps companies decide on incentives that they can give to their employees, based on accurate performance report of every person.

Now both these systems are different, have different functions and also have a different database when functioning independently. Therefore, to calculate both, one has to do it separately. But if one integrates the two systems, then proper tracking takes place and there is no room for error left at all.

How Cloud HR System has changed the functions of an HR Manager:

There is no doubt that the role technology has played in the lives of HR managers hasn’t been transformational. In fact, most HRs are now able to concentrate on pressing matters thanks to the technology for taking over their laborious tasks and leaving them with time to deal with important matters at hand. Mentioned below are some ways in which the cloud HR software has changed the way the department of HR works.

1. Increases Employee Engagement:

Employees are an important part of the organization and they need to be constantly motivated and kept happy to fulfil the company’s goals. With the assistance of big data as well as mobile technology, the HRIS system is able to engage employees. The HRIS system helps share a survey amongst employees as to how the company can serve them better. In this manner, the employees feel inclusive and secure. This, in turn, motivates them to work harder and try becoming deserving employees. It is true that without employee engagement the organization cannot have a competitive advantage. When they put in their 100%, efficiency increases, customer satisfaction increases and hence profitability also manages to seep in. Cloud HRIS helps in giving the workplace a human touch and improves the culture for the long run.

2. Accurate Analysis:

Every organization undergoes a similar issue of hiring talented people who would help take the company ahead. It is possible for human errors to seep in when analyzing an employee’s body of work and performance. Hence, it is always better to depend on technology for their assessment of every employee. AI helps in determining which employees are at risk of not working up to the mark and then help with the process of employee retention and promotion issues. It not only helps find faults and appreciate good work but it also proactively provides solutions that could help address the issues. For example: if there is a drop in the performance of an employee or any issue at the workplace, the Cloud HRIS detects the issue before things escalate and provide instant solutions to nip the issue in the bud.

3. Reduced Paperwork:

In today’s times, keeping physical records of things can be a little over-bearing as space becomes a huge problem. Storing the records in a room can work temporarily. But not when a company is growing and so is the paperwork. Hence, going digital is the only solution. Plus, instead of going through tens and hundreds of books, one can just type what they require and get whatever information they want with a click of a button. Thanks to the cloud HR system, all the files can now be stored safely online and also be easily accessed if and when required through various apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Plus, we live in an age where preserving the environment is essential to survive in the long run. By reducing paperwork, organizations are helping preserve Mother Nature.


4. Quick Access to Innovation:

The issue with the outdated HR system is that it needs to be maintained with constant upgrades. Plus training sessions also need to be provided to understand the new functions. All this costs unnecessarily, especially when the solution is right in front of everyone: Cloud HR System. With cloud HRIS, organizations have quick access to innovation without investing or spending in additional software/technology. With easy and quick access, newer and smaller corporate offices get to compete with the bigwigs. By going online, everything is available with a click of a hand. This means that now, the competition will be fair and everyone gets an equal chance and access to innovation.


5. Detailed & Apt Performance Assessment:

One of the most critical roles of an HR manager is to assess how the employees perform at work. Before Cloud HRIS was in the scene, an employee’s performance was noted on paper and it used to take up a lot of time to gather potential data on the worker. But thanks to the emergence of technology, the HRIS system helps in tracking their performance in real-time. Cloud HRIS signals the HR team to execute proper protocols within hours of detecting something, thus not disturbing the efficiency and workflow at the office. Performance Management Software is an HR tool that is beneficial in helping employers understand where they are going wrong and what gaps in communication need to be filled. This Performance Management Software also helps companies decide on incentives that they can give their employees based on accurate performance report of every person.

6. Digital Pay-slips:

With technology replacing every small detailed job that HR managers were supposed to do, life has sure become better. Even the payroll of the clients and employees has been taken up digitally, thus leaving no room for mistakes in calculations. Rather than manually getting to count the payrolls, the payroll software provides accurate reports of payroll at a faster speed. The payroll software is an advanced platform that also happens to reduce legal risks, therefore leading to smooth management that brings along no kind of employment litigation, judgement, penalties, etc. The HR team has to deal with all the computing and compliance which can be a little tricky for the team. But, with the HR software in hand, these issues are solved in one go.

7. Affordable solutions:

Thanks to Cloud HRIS, organizations get more value at lesser the price. Unlike proprietary HR software which can be ridiculously expensive, Cloud HR System is not at all high-maintenance. To start with, there is whatsoever no installation or training cost that is required while setting up Cloud HRIS. Plus, at an extremely low price, it adds more value to the functioning of the organization. Decent returns are generated post deploying HRIS system. So if a company can save up money by opting for Cloud HRIS, it means that they have more capital to invest in other resources or maybe even use to improve the welfare of their workers.

8. Speeding HR Management:

The biggest advantage of HRIS system is that it helps in bridging the gap that prevails between the employees and the organization. But now, for the organization to work efficiently, the HR manager’s tasks also include motivating employees to work harder and develop an enriching culture at the workplace. With the help of Cloud HRIS, data has been easily accessible and also centralized. Instant reporting has become possible and getting detailed analysis on trends has also become faster. With access to so much information, the HR team can make informed decisions and lead the company to a better stage.

Hence, one cannot deny the ease with which companies can function thanks to the Cloud HR System. With the emergence of technology, it is essential to adapt to it rather than ignore it, because going digital is what’s going to help companies stay in business in the long run.

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