A Few Google Docs Tips To Increase Your Work Productivity


Google has provided free office software, Google Docs, in company with Google Slides and Google sheets. You can utilize it within your internet browser because it is accessible as a web app. And in case you want to use it on your smartphone or tablet you can download its mobile app. For both iOS and Android, its mobile app is available.

One reason behind the popularity of Google Docs is everyone has a Google account and access to the internet as well. Therefore on Google Docs, it becomes very easy to do work-related activities. However, in this case, you should have sufficient knowledge about the tools offering Google Docs. There are a lot of tools that make functioning on documents effortlessly on Google. Here we are going to give you some tips which will surely help you in working on Google Docs effectively.

Tips To Improve Work Productivity In Google Docs

#1 Offline Working

We all know that Google Docs permit us to work offline as productively as online. However, many people do not know how exactly to do it. To work on your document offline, you have to go to alternatively to Afterwards, at the top right click on the cog icon; select Settings, then tick the “Sync Google Docs” box in the “Offline” section.

That’s it, remember that you can’t select individual documents for offline editing. So ensure that you have the hard drive space to accommodate all your documents when you sync for offline use. Moreover, if you don’t know how to make Google Docs landscape, then check this guide.

#2 Collaboration and Chating

It has been a difficult task to work together. On a document, you can function together with your friends either they are signed in or not as they have authorizations. Moreover, Google Docs comes by slightly creative with its names for those people who are not signed into their Google account. Ranging from Anonymous albatross to Anonymous Nyan Cat. Google Docs also offers you the facility to chat with those who are editing your document with you. And in such a case, you do not need to keep switching between documents and email. 

#3 Speech To Text

There is a tool in Google Docs by the use of which you can use the speech to text system to write the document alternatively to type your words utilizing your keyboard. In Google Docs, it is a built-in feature, and it works very effectively. 

#4 Notifications

There is a very effective trick in Google Sheets which you can use to know about any change made by anyone in your documents is to turn on notifications. This could be very effective for the managers for following what your workers have been functioning on for the day. Also, in case you have given a task to your employee or wanted him to do changes in a document you don’t have to sit there refreshing it or to wait for them to inform you. Just get notified and check when Google tells you that there has been a change.

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