A Guide On How To Extract PDF Pages


PDF files can take too long to load. Sometimes, they are even heavier than regular document files. To make it lighted, some people extract PDF pages, or divide them and put them into a new document file. That way, it will be easier for them to access it anytime they want.

If you don’t know how to extract PDF pages, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to extract PDF pages effectively and the best tool to use. Extracting PDF pages is not as difficult as you think it is, especially when you have the right tools.

How to Extract PDF Pages?

The first thing you have to do is find software or websites that you can use for the extraction. One of the best online PDF tools that you can get and use is PDFbear. PDFbear is a PDF conversion site that offers fast and efficient conversion of PDF files to other file formats such as Powerpoint, Excel, Word, JPG, TXT, EPUB, and more. The site can also be used to extract PDF pages

To extract PDF pages using PDFbear, you need to go to their website and upload the PDF file you wish to extract. You can easily upload a file to the site by dragging and dropping the data on the website. You can upload a file directly from your computer or cloud storage to the website.

Next, highlight or enter the PDF or pages that you want to extract. Make sure not to miss any pages so it can all be extracted at one time. You don’t have a limit when you use PDFbear when extracting PDF files. You can extract as many pages as you want. 

After you have selected all the pages you want to extract, the extraction will start, and it will have a new organization of content in the new file document. It will include all the pages that you have highlighted and selected. After that, the pages will be extracted in no time. 

For the safety and security of your files, PDFbear would recommend its users to delete any of the remaining copies of the PDF file they extracted. The website will offer to do it for you to make sure your data is safe and secured. Convenient, right?

Why Use PDFbear When Extracting PDF Pages?

Aside from being popularly known to be the best PDF file converter, PDFbear also supports PDF page extraction, and it is very convenient and easy to use. Extracting PDF files has never been accessible before, but with the use of PDFbear, your PDF file dilemmas will be solved in just one click. 

In Terms of Security

Another thing about PDFbear is it has a safe and secure system that ensures its users’ 100% security for uploaded files. Once PDF files are converted or extracted, the website will delete them within an hour after the process is finished. PDFbear runs a fast uploading system, and it uses a 128-bit SSL connection. 

The website is also accessible through any operating system, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Your PDF pages will be extracted in no time and without stress. Quickly click on the file, hit Extract, and PDFbear will do all the work for you. 

Unlike other PDF tool sites and software, PDFbear is an independent PDF extractor that you can use to extract a single PDF file or more than one. The tool is convenient, especially to anyone who deals with PDF files almost every day. 


Although there’s a lot of PDF file tools online, PDFbear will surely be worth your time because it has all the necessary PDF tools that you can use for your PDF files. The website can also be easily accessed, and it is free too! What more can you ask for?

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