A Thousand Reasons To Use Firefox As An Internet Browser

Firefox is one of the most used internet browsers and therefore one of the most commented on its virtues. Inexplicably still a large group of users do not use Firefox, perhaps some of them think that the only option is the Internet Explorer that comes with their Windows installation. Many have decided on Google Chrome, of which we are fans, an excellent browser, with attractive features, but that will never be like Firefox.

The trick is not to decide on a particular one, but to use them alternately and take advantage of each other. Firefox is not the perfect browser, but we must not miss those who are moderately demanding and always look for the best. This post is our grain of sand to promote this browser, of course without any benefit, we only intend to reach some of those who still do not know about it and get them to dare to install it. There really are not a thousand reasons, it is only a metaphorical expression, but they are many and very heavy.

Advantages of using the Firefox browser

1- Firefox is a free open-source browser, which means there is no secondary intention behind its use and functionalities. Its development arises from the contributions of a community.

2- It is the browser that best protects our privacy by layer and sword. All its features are designed to protect the user. In this modern world full of surveillance and spying systems, where it is intended to keep a record of everything the ordinary user does, Firefox is one of the classic browsers the only alternative we can fully rely on. The exception is that Firefox includes Google as a search engine by default, which is known to be a company that collects user data and collaborates with global intelligence agencies. The inclusion of Google in Firefox is essential to achieve the financing required by the Mozilla project.

3- Firefox includes the Do Not Track option (it was the first browser to implement it), to indicate to websites and internet services that we do not want to be tracked.

4- Includes private browsing mode, especially useful when using a portable version of the browser to navigate on public sites or using untrusted devices. In that case, absolutely no information is stored, nor any record of the actions taken.

5- There is an immense amount of add-ons or extensions to add any type of functionality to Firefox.
We can spend days testing and adding useful and interesting extensions like Free RusVPN, depending on our particular interest.

6- Firefox is the fastest internet browser, it is ideal for use on slow connections. Of course it is necessary to review certain issues.

7- We can configure and fully customize our browser. Firefox is a free software project, this means that we can modify and transform every detail of our browser. There are no secrets, limitations or barriers.

Are you now ready to use Firefox as your main browser?

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