Advanced Point-of-Sale System Capabilities in 2018


Technological advancements over the years have resulted in improved capabilities for various business systems. Chief among these systems is the point of sale (POS) system. Perhaps you are only aware of POS capabilities at the check-out counter. Of course, as the name suggests, POS systems were initially developed to facilitate transactions at the check-out counter. The only major capability of traditional POS systems was to register sales transactions.

In 2018, POS systems have featured profoundly advanced capabilities. Some of the outstanding POS capabilities in 2018 include:

1. Cloud connectivity

This is one of the major outstanding features of current POS systems. The advanced POS systems are cloud-based. This means that the systems are designed to collect and transmit your business information to offline servers over the Internet.

More importantly, cloud-based POS systems are able to provide you with up-to-date information and capabilities tailored to meet emerging business needs. The best POS cloud-based systems have outstanding integrations for loyalty programs, email marketing and other features that make it easy to grow and run your business irrespective of where you are.

2. Advanced applications

Current POS systems are equipped with a variety of business management tools. For example, the latest systems have advanced capabilities which include a product database that will simplify your business inventory input.

The systems also have time-clock technologies that can even take photographs of employees whenever they clock out and in, thus ensuring proper timekeeping.

You will also find that recent POS systems are equipped with accounting software and an Application Programming Interface (API) that you can use to design and develop various custom integrations suited to your business needs.

3. Data security

This has become a major challenge for all businesses irrespective of the level of digitization and online presence. Consequently, as a responsible business owner, it is your obligation to take the necessary steps to ensure that your organization is protected from all forms of cyber-threats.

All traditional POS capabilities include the capacity to run on personal computers (PCs). Consequently, your data and business information are vulnerable to viruses, malware, and other forms of cyberattacks.

The problem is further aggravated, especially if you are using current cloud-based POS systems. Fortunately, in response to this challenge, current POS systems have the capacity for automatic cybersecurity updates. As long as you install the latest version of your POS system, you will be able to integrate the system with the latest cybersecurity solutions in the market.

4. Mobile options

This is one of the major distinguishing features of POS systems used in 2018 and those from the earlier generations. Current POS systems have mobile options whereby you can use them through apps on smartphones. The systems have apps that are capable of running in other portable personal data assistant devices.

The outstanding capability derived from the mobile options is that your employees do not need to serve customers at the check-out points only. The employees can process the customer transactions with any part of your business premises, thus making the systems more convenient for customers and employees as well.

Despite of the perspective you take, you will realize that POS systems in use in 2018 far outperform similar systems from earlier generations. Particularly, current POS systems combine all your business needs ranging from inventory management to customer care under one portable device.

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