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Do you want to apply and are now looking for information on how best to write a resume? The summary is always an integral part of your application’s documents. It should be well structured and clearly presented and contain all the important stages of your professional life, as well as all qualifications related to work. But now most people are asking themselves: how to write a resume? We have all the important information and resume wording help.

What is the procedure for submitting application documents?

It is important that you pay attention to the exact order of your application’s documents. This is where HR can see if you are organized and doing the right thing. The resume comes right after your cover letter. If you attach a title page and a motivation letter to your documents, then it lies right between these two documents.

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Resume structure

Let’s start with the structure of your resume. The most common resume form is tabular. So here we will show you what a tabular resume looks like and how you can write such a resume. If, for example, a detailed summary is required, this will certainly be mentioned explicitly, but this happens very rarely.

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It can be said in advance that you should always write your resume anti-chronologically, so you start with the most recent event and end with the oldest. Your recent experience and successes automatically come to the fore.

Of course, you should also pay attention to spelling and serious wording. You can choose your layout based on the job – if you’re applying for a graphic designer position, it’s certainly a good idea to get a little more creative, but if you’re looking to work as a student intern at a law firm, you’d rather stick with classic layouts. Of course, everything should be consistent, so make sure you use the same layout or the same font and size as in your application letter and, if necessary, your motivation letter. Your resume should not be longer than two A4 pages.

So: what can you write in your resume? And what is the structure of the resume?

  • Application photo
  • personal data
  • Professional experience
  • (School education
  • Volunteering
  • Ability and Knowledge
  • soft skills
  • hobby

Application photo in resume

The application photo is in the right place in the top third of your resume, but the applicant photo is optional. No one really wants to know if you’re a selfie queen and what your bedroom looks like in the background – so either add a professional photo app or nothing at all! Worth spending some money on appliqué photos if you like. If you get a job, the money will eventually come back!

If you add a cover page to your application, you can also include a photo of your application on this document, then you will also have more space on your resume.

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