All You Need To Know About Home Automation


The continuous development and inventions in the field of technology have contributed greatly to our current lifestyle.

The latest technology trend is home automation. Initially, it was affordable only to people who have extravagant money and multinational companies.

But as developments are moving forward, so is the affordability of automation products. Before jumping into details, let us get our basics clear.

What is home automation?

Automation means being able to do a task with little or no human effort. Automation devices allow you to control your electronic devices through remote control, voice commands, and your phone.

Now the question is where can you implement automation in your home?

You have a variety of options such as lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems.

Not only this, you can install automation for security purposes as well such as alarms, surveillance cameras, windows, and locks.

Motion sensors are also a part of home automation that controls electrical appliances such as LED light bulbs based on your motion.

Let us have a look about these in detail:


Lights are one of the most sought-after products in India. The convenience and comfort provided by it is the main reason.

With smart lights, you can switch on or switch off with a remote based control. You also have the option of downloading the app that supports the functioning of smart lights and control it via your smartphone. Another possible option is installing infrared or touch switches.  Smart LED bulbs are also paired with motion sensors.

These motion sensors detect your entry and exit from the room; and keep the light bulb switched on or switched off respectively.

This is really helpful if you continuously forget to switch off the lights. Plus, it also helps you in saving some money on your electricity bill!


If you are worried about leaving your kids alone at work, home automation is your solution. With ample of options, you can install sensors that alert you on your smartphone every time a visitor rings the doorbell at your house.

With the help of cameras, you can also see who has been visiting your house in your absence. Make sure you have an active internet connection on your phone and camera.

Another aspect of security in correlation is the door. Unlike manual locks, the key to your door is your password. You can unlock the door through your phone by entering the password.

Additionally, if there is someone you know who will be visiting your home in your absence (for example- your parents), they do not require a key, just your password!

Smart Speakers

If 20 years ago, someone told you that you could order food by just talking to a speaker, people would have termed you crazy.

But now, that is possible! Tech giants like Amazon and Google have come up with smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Apart from playing songs, they can do a variety of your chores for you such as ordering food, scheduling appointments and reminders.

Surveillance Cameras

As seen above, they can be used for security purposes. Apart from that, they can also be installed inside your home.

Combining it with motion sensors, cameras give you an added advantage as the sensors are designed to detect any unusual activities at your home.

You can get these alerts and the live video clip from the camera in your smartphone.


Although home automation can seem to be a good way of upgrading your lifestyle, some of the good quality products may cost you a bomb! So before investing, make sure you understand if you require your home to be automated.

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