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Everyone knows about AMD and their rivalry with Intel. Well after a long time of being in the shadow of its rival, AMD has come back hard and fast with its new CPU and GPU models, that can beat the fastest and most powerful Intel equipment. Its first Ryzen models were with technical problems, like the cooperation between CPU and RAM, but AMD fixed it with the second generation. Since then the giant tech company comes with the best of the best.

People know AMD from PC gaming, and for a while, the company has gotten its CPUs in consoles too, like in Xbox. However, it doesn’t seem to stop here. The tech developer has gone so far that it can provide SoCs and discrete GPUs that enable casino gaming companies to create immersive and beautiful graphics for their casino gaming platforms. These platforms are also adopting the same HQ motion graphics and experience that it was seen only in modern gaming devices.

The New AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000

The AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 SoC brings CPU and GPU together in one package. The idea is not old at all, because the first AMD’s attempt to bring the CPU and GPU working together was with the AMD APU models. The new Ryzen Embedded V1000 provides the ability to run up to 4K displays from one system. A lot of casino developers create slot cabinets that have multiple HD/4K LCD screens, so having such a powerful video processor at hand can make things much easier.

This new processor is a power-efficient option while it provides up to 4x better CPU and graphics performance. Beyond SoCs, AMD also offers embedded GPUs who are capable to enable stunning, immersive visual experiences while supporting efficient thermal design power, the TDP profiles. AMD can deliver three discrete GPU classes to people, these GPUs are the AMD Embedded Radeon ultra-high performance GPU, the AMD Embedded Radeon high-performance GPU, and the AMD Embedded Radeon power-efficient GPU.

These three classes enable a wide range of performance and power saving, but most importantly they can offer features that the casino industry demands, like planned longevity, enhanced support and support for embedded operating systems. AMD is customer-friendly because it gives more choices, high performance and better power efficiency.

AMD will also launch two new versions of the AMD Embedded Radeon GPUs, the E9560 and the E9390. These two video cards use the PCIe form factor. And what AMD fans have not seen, these two cards have 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and they can support 4K high-speed videos with 3D visualizations, and other computer-intensive graphics applications who are especially seen in the casino and arcade gaming.

For those who want superior performance, the E9560 delivers up to 11% more performance compared to E9550. This performance comes with 36 compute units, a TDP of 130 W or less and up to 5.7 theoretical TFLOPS of performance. For those who look for power-efficiency, the E9390 has a TDP of 75 W or less with 28 compute units and provides up to 3.9 TFLOPS of performance.

Beyond choice, AMD has heard from its fans about an area of concern when it comes to GPUs. The memory used by the existing graphics cards, GDDR5, will be phased out across the industry with a new memory standard, the GDDR6. In order to help people to do an easier transition, the E9560 and E9390 as well as the existing Polaris architecture, the E-series GPUs will be planned to be available in 2022.

New Platforms for AMD Embedded

AMD has the ability to provide high-performance CPUs and GPUs that can power the video and graphics demands. The modern gaming companies want to bring new systems to the market and they need the performance for them. For example, Casino Technology is a company based in Europe, and they just announced their support for the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 SoC. The partnership will bring a discrete-GPU calibre graphics and multimedia processing to slot machines. Imagine playing a slot game like Rainbow Riches on these new graphics provided by the AMD Embedded GPU.

AMD was also present at G2E Las Vegas, which is a Casino Gaming convention, where they were able to show how their embedded solutions work. They provided eye-catching graphics and the gaming experiences were of next-level gen, from touch screens to 3D graphics and more. Their booth #3814 also had numerous solutions and systems from other casino and gaming companies who use the AMD embedded products like Advantech, Axiomtech, iBase Gaming, IGT, Scientific Games, Sapphire and TUL.

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