Android vs iOS – Know the difference.


Android and iOS are the operating systems found in mobile technologies. While going out in the market searching for a perfect smartphone. We always get confused about whether to get an Android smartphone or iOS by apple technologies. Like 2 sides of the coin, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see which one is a perfect operating system for you.


While working with Android, it gives its users full access to customize your android in your own way. it allows its users to change the way you want to see their smartphone whereas iOS does not allow its users to touch anything in its interface and works as it is.


In androids, there is a huge choice of low-cost handsets from a huge-market of various developers and manufacturers. And android’s platform has been designed and optimized to run on low-end hardware whereas on the contrary iOS operated phones are designed and engineers not only the phone but each and every software to give an amazing user experience that is why there are less affordable then androids.

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Application markets

Truthfully, an android market which is Google play store has near about 3.5 million Applications whereas on iOS’s application market which is the App store has 2.2 million applications in total. But the best online games land on iOS first because of it has been a more lucrative platform for developers. So in that case, iOS are quite a winner but on another hand, Android offers a lot of free applications than iOS.

Alternative app stores

Alternative app stores prove to be one of the best innovations in the industry as they are very helpful and offer a lot more amazing features. It somehow easy to download applications from alternative app stores which are only possible with android. On the contrary iOS is opposed to any her 3rd party app. Stores.

Cloud services

Apple iOS is still lacking behind the scene on cloud services. Google play services offer 15GB of free space and on the contrary I cloud offers only 5 GB of free space, both are expandable in exchange for few pennies. But in cases of expandable memories, Android Google drive is less costly than I Cloud services.


On a general basis, some Android phones still running on the software which are years old and they are proving to be vulnerable to serious hacks that can breach your security. Apple iOS are most notably working on special technologies that are un-breach able. Technologies used in face id and touch-id and not vulnerable to hacks. Even the text and messages on iOS are encrypted.

On concluding all the points, both the operating systems have their own setbacks and drawbacks one is easily accessible and customizable and on the other hand, one is difficult to breach. Both two sides of coins are winners in the race.

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