Antivirus for MacBook Pro 2016

If you have a Macbook Pro, you would definitely want to give it the needed protection, thus prompting you to look for an antivirus for MacBook pro-2016. If you are wondering which antivirus is better, you have reached the right place. 

There is no doubt that no computer, no software that would ever be immune to threats and attacks. This includes macOS. This increase in the popularity of iOs devices has even made them a target for viruses and malware. For this reason, various security companies continue to offer different antivirus options for Macs. 

How Your MacBook Pro 2016 is Protected? 

Your MacBook comes with a number of security features that are built-in to keep it safe. In fact, the foundation of macOS is a Unix system. This is the very same OS, which is used by Linux and BSD, earning a reputation for security and reliability, which comes as a result of having a robust permission system. 

In order to ensure that its platform is safe, every Macbook uses a set of proprietary technologies, even having its own anti-malware scanner, called Xprotect, running in its background. As you open a file each time, this software checks and scans against recognized macOS malware threats. 

If the system detects something that is suspicious, you can easily see a warning notification that the file may damage your computer. As your Mac installs the updates in the system, it also updates the definitions. They also have a GateKeeper, which prevents unfamiliar applications from possibly causing harm. 

Best Antivirus for MacBook Pro 2016

When it comes to options on antivirus programs, there are a number of good options out there. Here are some of them:

  • Bitdefender Antivirus

This is the most recommended antivirus for Mac. It is light, strong, fast, and very easy to use. Its malware and antivirus detection results make it a popular option. Other interesting features include the Time Machine backups, adware blocking, as well as extensions that harden your web browser. 

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 

This security protection offers ideal rates of malware detection, protecting your webcam while killing tracking cookies. This security program also offers parental controls, with features such as time limits, content filters, as well as monitoring of personal data. It even turns off webcams on a MacBook, which is a feature that is not offered by Apple. The best part is that the interface of this program is detailed but very easy to use. 

  • Norton 360 Deluxe

What amazes supporters of this antivirus is the fact that it comes with a lot of useful extras, which includes an unlimited VPN service, along with an unlimited password manager. It also has a system optimizer, a two-way firewall, and a personal data dark-web monitoring. More importantly, it only has a minimum impact on system performance, while ensuring a flawless malware detection on Mac. 

  • Avast Free Mac Security

If you are interested in getting a free antivirus for your Mac, this is a good option that you can take into consideration. In comes with a number of extra features, which includes an external drive scanner, unlimited password manager, as well as a malicious website blocker. Unlike other programs for antivirus on Mac, it has the feature for scanning email messages, as well as attachments for the presence of malware. 

  • MacAfee Antivirus Plus

Another antivirus program that you may want to take into consideration is the McAfee Antivirus Plus. This is ideal for family use, given that it has a 10-device license, thus allowing you to offer antivirus protection for an entire family of Mac users for a reasonable annual fee. Mac users will get a firewall, though Windows users get more features, including system optimizer, cryptojacking protection, and ransomware protection. 

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When it comes to choosing the best antivirus for MacBook Pro 2016, you need to figure out what you need first. If you have multiple Macs, then you may want to look for a program that is multi-platform and multi-device. On the other hand, if you are loyal to Macs, you may simply want the basics, such as the ones that are offered by Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. 

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