App Development – What Lies Ahead

Mobile App Development Trends

Humans have mastered smart short-cuts. We began by making beasts work for us, then moved on to machines. Over the last couple of decades, the boom of technology in app development has skyrocketed. Apps are so common now in every sphere of life that we tend to feel crippled without them! Every new day brings with it something better, bigger, and faster. Here are some of the evolutionary trends we can expect in app development in the times to come:

Enhanced use of Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are no longer restricted to the gaming field. Industries like education have realised the amazing effects AR can have on knowledge sharing. Healthcare and food-tech companies too are harnessing the exciting possibilities of bringing things “alive” for the consumer. App development integrating AR and VR is, therefore, progressing by leaps and bounds every day.

Instant Apps

While reaching as many users as possible is the key to an app’s success, companies are also increasingly customer-focused. They understand that users may not need to install an app for every need, but may still want information. Instant apps enable consumers to directly access, say, a product page from a URL link. This means they can simply browse one module which is pertinent to their needs without complete installation. At present, only Android users have access to such apps.

The proliferation of Beacon Technology

App development in some fields is now increasingly leaning on the beautiful simplicity of beacon technology. Essentially, it is a superb combination of a Bluetooth-enabled device with the IoT concept. Like an actual beacon, it enables companies to simplify the process by which consumers receive and absorb their product information. It identifies user location and facilitates targeted marketing without infringing on their privacy. Hospitality, transport services, retail, and a host of other sectors now routinely use this technology.

Rise of Gaming Libraries

There are thousands of games available to users, but that is no longer sufficient. The very fact that there are so many choices now necessitates their availability at the click of a button. Gone are the times when a single game could hold sway over the audience. Consumers on-the-go are now able to access vast online content in a library format. A prominent example of this is the popularity of digital gaming casinos. App development in the gaming world still has a lot of unrealised potentials.

Innovation in Wearable Apps

We’ve already witnessed immense disruption in the wearable app space. Their uses are widespread-from monitoring health and fitness to tracking sleep patterns and parking availability. They enhance business & office routines through note-taking, tell us about the weather, and help plan out public transport routes. Wearable app development is still relatively young, though. There’s no saying how revolutionary the next wearable device technology application will be!

We’ve touched upon just some of the trends experts believe will rule the roost over the next year or so. Blockchain technology, Internet of Things, M-Commerce, cyber security and Progressive Web App Development aren’t going away anywhere, either. Exciting times ahead!

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