Apps Your Sales Team Needs

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There’s no way to overstate the importance of your sales team. Your sales team is on the ground working with customer, building loyal long-term relationships, and representing your products and services. The sales team is ultimately shaping the reputation of the business they represent.

The sales team is interacting with marketing teams internally and letting them know what they think should be happening, based on seeing it for themselves.

Sales teams need the right tools and technology to thrive and carry on with the important role they play in a business. Mobile apps in general are excellent for sales representatives because they give them access to what they need on-the-go, which is a core element of their role.

The following are some of the types of app you should ensure your sales team is equipped with.

Expense Management

Stop making your sales team struggle with business expense claims when they’re on the road. Equip them with a modern, simple way to manage expenses and reimbursements without  having to take time out of what they do best to fill out expense reports and track receipts.

Provide your sales team with an expense management app that’s simple and automated, along with being efficient and robust in its capabilities.

Profit Calculator

There are some really innovative apps available that let employees calculate profitability quickly on-the-go. They can see how one small change might affect everything else. Look for functions such as the ability to calculate mark up, to break even, and to determine profit margin as a percentage.

A profit calculator will let sales employees be more strategic in their thinking and see the bigger picture.


Your sales team probably isn’t in the office much, because they’re on the road. They need access to information on-demand in a way that’s easy for them. Knowledge-sharing is essential to make sure sales professionals have what they need, and that they’re productive and empowered.

There are different ways you can share knowledge using mobile apps, so choose an option that’s going to work for your organization. When you’re making a choice, consider how the content will be shared, and where content can come from to be shared on the mobile platform. Also, how will sales reps be able to share their own information with everyone else? What level of insight will the app provide?

Simplify Presentations

When your sales professionals are giving a presentation, the ClearSlide tool can be a fantastic resource.

ClearSlide makes it easy for sales reps to share their presentations with anyone without them having to use special programs to see the content, but it goes well beyond that as well. This tool and others like it allow sales reps to quickly get going with sales campaigns and waste no time, there are also tools for engagement analytics, and there’s something called a personal meeting space. The personal meeting space lets the sales team create an online meeting or demo without having to download anything.

These certainly aren’t all the types of apps your sales reps need, but they are a good place to get started if you want to make the most of your valuable employees.

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