Apps that All Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Should be Using

Apps that All Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Should be Using

Apps are wonderful little inventions. They use the technology we already have to achieve a whole ream of disparate goals, some of which can be invaluable to modern entrepreneurs. instantprint, a poster and printing company based in Rotherham, put together a roundup of the more worthwhile ones. Let’s take a look.

Apps that All Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Should be Using

For Research and News

If you’re going to understand the environment in which you’ll be doing business, then you’ll need to stay informed of both your own industry and the wider economic outlook. There are several apps that will collate news articles from different sources and present them to you in an easily digestible list.

Feedly is an app that offers an easy way of easily filtering out low-quality news, and of sharing the good stuff with the rest of your team. Pocket, on the other hand, provides a centralised location for all of the content you’d like to save for another time – even if you’re offline.

Both of these help us to diminish the problem of low-quality, angry or shallow content that appeals to the hindbrain when we’re scrolling through an unfiltered Facebook feed.

Alternatively, you might go directly to the newspapers themselves. Just about every major newspaper comes with its own app, whether it’s the Telegraph, the Times, the Guardian or the Economist. Through them, you’ll be able to get new information directly. This approach confers several major advantages:

  • You won’t be giving your valuable data away.
  • You’ll be able to get an editorial context for the news you consume.
  • You’ll expose yourself to the occasional news article that the algorithms might not have thought worth your attention.
  • You’ll support a healthier and more sustainable model of journalism.


Keeping everyone productive is vitally important to businesses – especially when you’re in a work environment that promotes distraction.

Having access to certain kinds of social media site during work hours will reliably fragment your attention and prevent you from achieving the kind of deep focus that comes only after you’ve spent an hour or so working. Apps that block these distractions, and thereby limit procrastination, are therefore invaluable. Freedom and Blocksite are especially worthy investigations.

Also worthy of note are services like If This Then That, which allow different apps to effectively communicate with one another without human involvement. If you want to change the colours of your light bulbs using an email, then you can do so. But there are also more practical applications for the tech, too.

File Creation

A modern work environment often relies on centralised data storage. You might have a single document on an app like Dropbox or We Transfer, which can be edited independently by multiple workers. Collaborations of this sort eliminate the need to waste time waiting for someone to respond to an email or let you know that they’ve finished working – and they also save you the trouble and cost of maintaining a network yourself.

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