Apps To Help You Run Your Accounting Firm Smoothly


Accountants are the backbone of any business, be it large or small. Playing such an integral part in every business, they are responsible for handling various critical tasks, such as – auditing, tax filing, billing, business analysis, and a lot more, that is almost challenging to finish within the working hours.

Fortunately, with the right set of tools and applications, all such tasks can be done well within time and with great precision and efficiency.

Here is a list of some applications that you can use in your accounting firm to run the business smoothly.

1. Email Management Applications

One of the most important means of communication for every accounting firm is via email. Though emails are the easiest way of getting in touch with your clients, it takes a great deal of time and effort to write and manage all your emails.

Here are a few applications that will help you better manage your inbox –

a. Gmail Inbox

This is an email service by Google that helps you manage your emails efficiently by offering features such as – prioritizing email notifications, nudges, email snoozing, and a lot more.

b. Boomerang

Boomerang helps you write and schedule emails beforehand. Further, it also gives you reminders to follow up. This makes it easier for you to schedule emails that are to be sent at an odd hour without you having to put any extra effort.

2. Project Management and Collaboration Applications

When working in teams, management and collaboration can be a major concern for accounting firms. Using relevant applications can make it easier for you to manage your accounting team and tasks.

Here are a few suggestions-

a. Asana

It is one of the most user-friendly project management applications that let you do more work within a time frame. You can easily manage multiple projects at one time and collaborate with your team for all the work.

b. Trello

This application enhances communication and collaboration with your team members. It offers lists, boards, and other tools to organize work and allocate those within your team efficiently.

3. Time Tracking Applications

Time management can be a major issue for accountants. Using these applications will help you and your team manage time efficiently, along with delivering quality work.

a. TSheets

It is one of the leading time tracking applications that offers various features for you to track all of your work to save both time and money. You can easily set reminders and deadlines for each project that you and your team are working on.

b. Harvest

This is a time and expense tracking software that gives you useful insights about your work. It offers features to help you keep all your work and projects on track.

4. Billing Applications

The primary work of every accounting firm is to manage bills and invoices. For a large company, it can be an extremely tedious task and can lead to a lot of errors if done manually.

Hence, using billing and invoice applications is a wise decision. Here are a few widely used and reliable billing applications.

a. is a billing management application that enables you to manage all your clients’ bills and invoices. It also lets you track all the payments that you have received or are pending.

b. PayPal

This application helps you send or receive money easily. You just need to link your debit card or credit card from the applications and make the payment instantly by just typing the key. It also has a secured backend to keep all your payment details safe and secure.

5. Team Communication Application

Working in a team, especially if it is from multiple locations, can cause a lot of miscommunication. This not only slows down your work but also impacts your team productivity.

You should consider using these applications to streamline communication with your team.

a. Skype

Skype is a video conferencing application by Microsoft that helps you stay connected with your team from anywhere around the world.

The basic version of Skype lets you connect with 50 people at a time.

b. Slack

Slack is a messaging application that lets you communicate with individuals and groups easily. It also lets you share files and documents from anywhere around the world.

6. Storage Applications

Accountants work with heavy files and data that are highly confidential. Thus, storage of those files and data can be a big concern for them.

Here are a few storage applications where you can save large files safely.

a. Google Drive

It is a cloud storage platform by Google that lets you save files of any size on their highly secured servers. You can easily access these files from anywhere on any device (mobile, desktop, laptops). You can also choose who to give access to these files within or outside your team.

b. Microsoft OneDrive

Similar to Google Drive, OneDrive is also a cloud-based storage application by Microsoft. Different plans offer different storage capacities with the best security features to let you store files of any sizes without the fear of any data loss.

7. Other Essential Applications

Here are a few other applications that will help your accounting firm work smoothly and efficiently –

a. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is an extremely handy e-signature application that enables you to quickly sign on any number of documents without wasting a lot of time, energy, or paper.

b. LastPass

LastPass is an easy-to-use password management application that lets you manage all passwords across different applications for the entire company.

These user-friendly applications will definitely change the way your accounting team works by making your work easy, fast, and efficient.

Start using these applications and run your accounting firm smoothly!

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