Are Meta Tags Still Crucial For Search Engine Optimization- Discover Best Ways To Use


Though updates catch most of the attention on search engine optimization, meta tags generally go unnoticed. They have no direct influence on the search engine rankings of Google, but they still can influence the ranks of a site. It is prudent for online businesses to understand how they work and why meta tags do matter. Once their understanding is defined and clear, online companies can work their way through to maximize them optimally.

How can meta tags boost the SEO of your site?

The following are the ways via which meta tags can influence the search engine optimization of your site-

  1. Meta tags can impact the indexing of your website. They allow Google to understand the site’s content better and how it can appear in relevant search engine results.
  2. Meta Tags help you to improve the ranking of your keywords. Using quality keywords in meta tags helps Google to shortlist your site and make it appear high on search engine This, in turn, improves the visibility of your website.
  3. The proper meta tags improve the experience of the user. Tags create user expectations in a way that they know what your site is about and whether it will meet their expectations. This helps to reduce the frustration of the user.

Note that meta tags are relevant when you become aware that most of the best positive experience of users begin with search engine results. Therefore, if you want to enhance the visibility of your website and boost search engine optimization ranks, starting with meta tags is a prudent step.

How can you use potent meta tags for the best results?

There are several places where you may embed meta tags on the website; however, if you are a beginner, the following 5 points will help you boost returns on investment saving a lot of effort and time-

  1. Title tags- They serve as a preview to your website and generally displayed above the page description in SERPs. Experts in search engine optimization recommend you should have unique meta tags for all the pages of your website.
  2. Meta description- This meta tags add on to the title tag and appear under it. This is another way for you to drive traffic to your website, and you must attract leads and improve click-through rates.
  3. Canonical tag- This tag helps users go to the proper page of your site. It is beneficial for pages that have more or less the same information, for instance, similar webpages for a product. Canonical tags also tell Google these pages are different and save the business from penalties incurred for duplicate content.
  4. An alt tag- This tag makes images accessible to users and search engines. You may consult a competent expert from a reliable SEO company NYC for assistance as this meta tag primarily is unutilized, but it is very valuable as a meta tag to boost user engagement.
  5. Header tag- This tag allows you to break large content into small sections to boost the experience of the user on the website. These tags assist search engines in understanding the site’s information and adequately indexing it. This again has a major impact on search engine optimization ranks.

What are the best practices for using meta tags?

To derive maximum benefit from meta tags, the following are 6 best practices for you to embrace-

  1. Make meta tags short- The new meta tag description for Google is about 158 characters. For a mobile device, the maximum character length is 120 characters. However, Google displays 55 to 61 characters for desktop computers. If you wish to derive the maximum benefit from meta tags for your site, keep them under 60 characters.
  2. Use keywords- Choose one to two crucial keywords and use them naturally in your meta tags. Never cram many keywords in them. Note, meta tags are the first impressions that people have of your website, so it is prudent to make a positive impression.
  3. Incorporate branding- When you are writing meta tags, you should be sure to incorporate branding like the URL of your site, the name of the company or logo so that the information you present is directly relevant to your business.
  4. Deploy modifiers- With the help of modifiers, you adequately can describe your service or product in just a few words. Use options like “best, top, review, find, buy, how-to,” etc. in your meta tags.
  5. Make every meta tag unique- Google recommends all your meta tags to be 100% unique on the site. This is an excellent rule to follow when you are using meta tags.
  6. Use the precise keyword- Never make the meta tag different by merely rephrasing the keyword into a wording that is less common in nature. The above will create issues as the search engine will not be able to find your keyword. In this way, you will negatively affect the search engine ranks. Rephrasing any keyword will make you less visible to the targeted audience.

Therefore, when it comes to the use of meta tags, never ignore their function and importance to boost the search engine ranks of your website. Keep all five meta tags in mind, and with the tips above, maximum them to the optimal extent.

Therefore, if you are not using meta tags or still wonder whether they are essential today or not for your site, it is high time for you to dump the doubts and get to work to create good ones for your webpages. You not only catch the attention of search engines, but you also get a competitive edge in the market as users can find you faster. In case you are not an expert when it comes to the creation of meta tags, you may hire an experienced SEO agency to create them for you and manage your SEO campaigns effectively. In this way, you effectively can drive traffic and improve search engine ranks with success.

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