Artificial Intelligence and Automation: How SEO Can Benefit


When you are optimizing for the search engines, you are doing it for enhancing the experience of all your customers. People are constantly looking for answers to their queries by using voice assistance or using their smartphones for finding nearby solutions, and this is why brands have to position themselves accordingly so that they can appear during the decision-making moments of the present and prospective customers. Most importantly, they need to make sure that they are responding only with relevant and personalized content which will address the need directly, irrespective of the platform and device being used.

Now, it has to be understood that this can lead to a huge influx of data associated with customer interaction and search and it is not possible to analyze it without automation. However, all brands have to understand that automation does not include the performance of redundant tasks by machines. Rather, the immense power vested in artificial intelligence has provided search engine optimization and every marketer the power of analyzing necessary information, making significant decisions, and also carrying out important tasks of optimization. This has allowed them to focus on other strategic or creative elements of the SEO campaigns.

Important insights

Artificial intelligence can help search engine optimization to reap impactful insights, which could otherwise be a complex task. Important insights include:

Search queries

They inform about the requirements and demands of the customers and the reason why they have the queries in the first place.

Zero click

The kind of behavior and interaction displayed on the result pages and also the interaction with the local listings can help to decipher when the customers found the answer that they were looking for and converted it to an in-store visit or a phone call.

Onsite activity

This can help in determining the buying stage in which the customers are in, the information gaps, and most importantly, the topics that they are interested in learning about in the future.

How can artificial intelligence help in improving SEO?

There is no denying the fact that marketing is one of the vital tools that help in boosting businesses because this is the best way in which any business can attract the attention of the customers. With time, marketers have used different tools, which helped them to overcome any challenges present. Not to mention, artificial intelligence has already emerged as one of the most important marketing tools right now. According to, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly changing SEO.

Right from helping in creating recommendations to automating every checkout, artificial intelligence has undoubtedly been playing a great role in digital marketing and also, search engine optimization. Moreover, artificial intelligence also helps in providing the chance of creating unique and better content.

Content creation

Content generation normally depends on the available data, and this data is normally derived with the help of customer information and insights. This is highly possible with the assistance of artificial intelligence. With the use of insights and data, organizations have the chance of creating the right message, which will help in reaching one particular segment of customers.

This step also helps organizations to work on and create better and cohesive strategies of content for improving the success of search engine optimization. One organization, which deserves proper mention, is undoubtedly KIA motors. This organization recently tied up with Influential, which makes use of artificial intelligence to direct organizations only to the relevant influencers.

Machine learning can also be put to proper use when the ranking potential is being identified. Organizations can look at all the data provided by the keyword analyzer, SEMrush, which will help in analyzing all the keywords that have a high rank. To make sure that the organizations are a part of the competition, finding synonyms to the high ranking keywords can also help them to get projected at high ranks.

Improving snippets is also an important aspect associated with content creation, which will help in reaching a huge customer base. Moreover, it is equally important to the ML algorithm of Google, which helps in determining the relevance of subjects on any website. To know more, it is a great idea to contact the professionals of Guelph SEO Expert.

Hyper personalization

From the viewpoint of consumers, nothing can be better in comparison to organizations, which serve everything that consumers require. In the present generation, every consumer is interested in knowing whether the organizations are keeping them on their minds when they are introducing new services or products. This is an important reason why personalization is extremely crucial, and it also provides a natural boost to search engine optimization.

Automation based tools of marketing like UserFox and HubSpot can help organizations to boost the marketing charts. Drip campaigning methods can also play significant roles when the matter of personalization arises. For instance, Alibaba makes use of consumer data for putting out lucrative storefronts and recommendations.

The BERT algorithm of Google is taking this game forward. It is trying to understand the searchers’ intent by focusing on concepts as opposed to keywords.

Search engines

Search engines like Google are constantly working towards improving the algorithms to match what the people are searching for. For instance, RankBrain from Google is one of the machine learning-based search algorithms, which allows Google to understand and process the search results. This algorithm makes use of machine learning so that it can learn by taking assistance from the search data history along with user behavior to provide relevant results to the queries of the users.

Smart content

Artificial intelligence and search engine optimization together allowed handling the reputation management along with a marketing team to get notified automatically when mentioned on any social networking site, with the help of Buzzomo or HubSpot. Many tools exist for search engine optimization and when you are thinking of content, there is no denying the fact that ContentGeniusFX is one of the leading software.


Artificial intelligence has been responsible for bringing about a change in search engine optimization. Marketers need to make sure that they understand how artificial intelligence works when it comes to SEO so that they can get the best results.

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