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Let’s take a look at Asta pfp. Asta doesn’t just rely on wildly swinging his sword, despite the fact that he has never been able to figure out how to acquire the capacity to use magic. When Asta first encounters the Eye of the Midnight Sun in the story’s arc, the Black Bulls’ captain, Yami Sukehiro, teaches him a new manoeuvre.

He is able to sense the life force of those around him because to this skill, which functions much like a sixth sense. Because of this, Asta can react and attack more quickly than a typical human, making him a much deadlier menace in close quarters. It’s a great touch that they were able to have Yami carry over the knowledge and prowess from a different country and culture because he came from another country.

Since, this isn’t really news. Asta’s experience hasn’t quite been the same as that of the others, who have all had to battle the inner power that is seeking to rule them. He has a rivalry friendship with Yuno.

Instead, during a combat with an opponent, the small Magic Knight sensed this evil power awakening within him. Choosing not to submit, he resolved to control the demon. Asta was given access to the demon’s anti-magic powers instead of being forced to give up his body, which allowed him to undergo his first change.

He is admired by all of them for his integrity, directness, and commitment to doing the right thing at all times. He only represents the nun who nurtured him by carrying a light.

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Asta’s original weapon negates absolutely any magic directed at it, rendering it useless and levelling the physical playing field between Asta and his opponent. This has benefited Asta on multiple occasions, as as when he was up against an adversary who attempted to hold the sword in his body in order to prevent Asta from using it but ended up becoming slower as a result of the sword numbing his magic sensitivity.

Surprisingly, Asta has managed to attract quite a few women while consistently receiving disdain at everything else. There’s his teammate in the Black Bulls, Noelle. Another one of Yunos three companions is Mimosa of the Golden Dawn. Then there is Rebecca, a city dweller who belongs to the lower class.

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