How to Attract More Followers to your Website?

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Whether you’re a blogger who’s looking to expand their loyal fanbase or you run an online business that relies on the footfall of new customers to keep things afloat, both website owner-types will agree that gaining a few extra followers is never a bad thing. Increasing your visibility online can be a tricky game to master, so how do the professionals such as social media influencers and successful online retailers manage to do this? Read on to discover some of our useful tips for growing your online following.


Professional Hosting

If there’s one thing for certain, a secure and well-managed site is one of the most important factors in any site dependent on transactions. If (like most of the internet) you use the WordPress platform as the basis of your website, technical hiccups can be avoided by signing up for a hosted WordPress account. By opting for the third-party hosted route via a reliable provider such as 1&1, you can ensure your WordPress blog remains secure and glitch-free while customers buy from your site in confidence.


Do you think you have a great website but the visitor statistics suggest that no one seems to stumble across it? For search engine visibility on the internet, you will need to make sure your web pages are optimized in order to attract the right crowd and bring in more traffic. While there are plenty of resources out there on the web offering tutorials on the basics of search engine optimization for the ambitious solo-entrepreneur, you may also want to consider getting an expert involved. The benefits of hiring an SEO consultant can pay for itself in increased site traffic and visibility, so it’s definitely something to consider if you’re serious about your website.

Post (Quality Content) Often

The old proverb tells us to prioritize “quality not quantity”; but in the world of blogging, both are equally important. Since there are millions of abandoned or inactive websites out there on the internet, make sure you post new content every day, to get your site noticed by search engine bots who will recognize that your site is frequently updated and this will, in turn, ensure that you have greater visibility. Furthermore, if the content is interesting, visitors to the site will naturally appreciate your material and return again and again as part of your core audience. Similarly, you can buy 10k Instagram followers cheap and start posting quality content.

Social Media

These days, just about everyone has an Instagram or Twitter account. As the owner of a blog or website, you can harness the influential power of social media by linking your site to a relevant social media account and use hashtags to attract an audience that would be interested in what you have to offer. If you’re not sure how to hashtag effectively (remember: it’s a good idea not to add too many to avoid looking spammy), you can use the Hashtagify web tool to give you the most popular and relevant keywords that will best target your ideal audience.


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