Attracting New Patients Like a Pro With These Dental Marketing Tips

Dental Marketing Tips

If your dental marketing strategy has still not gone digital, it is time for an overhaul. Digital marketing allows the dental practice to connect with patients like never before. Leverage the power of social media platforms, email, and your dental websites to create a marketing strategy that strives to meet online users needs and wants concerning dental treatments and services.

Someone right now in the world is searching for a dentist including contact information as we speak. Chances are that the majority of your local community has switched to smartphones for all their daily interactions. Relying on traditional forms of marketing in this digital age is just foolish. Digital marketing when pulled right with all the strategies in place will deliver you unmatched results.

3 Pro Tips To Attract Dental Patients Locally

#1 Local Awareness Facebook Ads

When it comes to driving awareness about your dental practice, sometimes people seeing your ad can be more important than clicks. Optimising for reach will give you more exposure to potential patients in your area. There is no better way to reach your local audience than using local awareness Facebook ads.

When you are excited to spread the word about your dental practice, being specific about your ideal target market will make a difference. Whether you have a single dental practice or multiple, your strategy should revolve around catering to the area you are located. Showing your ads outside of a 50 km radius will make very little difference to the end results. Local awareness ads are one of the best ways to reach a local audience. You can use map cards to share relevant details about your dental practice locally. Crucial information such as:

  • Dental Practice Address
  • Distance to the Clinic
  • Hours of operation
  • CTA for making an appointment

With the “get directions” link integrated, you will make more out of local awareness ads than you ever imagined before.

#2 Appointment Reminders

Many patients struggle to remember treatment schedules and follow-up appointments. Streamlining appointment reminders via email, text or phone is one of the best practices you can instil at your clinic. Less than 5% of scheduled appointments ever get cancelled after a patient gets an appointment reminder. You can also use appointment reminder apps to remind patients of an annual cleaning and other oral services.

Follow up reminders are as important as appointment reminders.

#3 Emergency Keywords

SOS calls are more prevalent in healthcare where an online user in distress will be looking for rapid response services. Dental practices that can cater to medical emergency situations stemming from per se emergency wisdom tooth extraction will fare better than the competitors in the area. Even when you have a CTA at your emergency services but no one is there to pick up a call or respond then it really doesn’t have any significant value.

Building your keyword strategy around words like “urgent” and “emergency” is one of the best ways to get clients on board. There is a return on investment if you prioritise these keywords taking emergency cases as they come by and most importantly providing timely solutions to the patient in distress.

If there is no one to pick a phone or reply to a patient’s urgent needs, this could quickly translate to something negative in the form of reviews or testimonials which should be avoided at all costs if you want your dental practice to grow.

Wrapping Up

Successful dental advertisement practice is all about identifying your patient target base. It is the most effective way to promote your services right now with marketing tools such as dental seo. So if you haven’t updated from traditional marketing, the time is ripe to do now.

Call-to-action buttons are great for getting prospective patients to take action when they see your ad. Which button you will decide will depend on your objectives for your ad and business as a whole. Local awareness ads are to reach prospects around your dental practice whereas call-to-action buttons provide a way for them to interact with you.

Digital marketing allows you to get deeper insights into how your audience is thinking, reacting to trends, and what they are consuming. What ticks them, and what you can offer them that other dental practices in your area. Many aspects come with the use of digital marketing that you will get used to faster than you would have thought. It is fun when you start planning what your prospective patients want now and in the future. All in all, digital marketing is a game-changer for dental practice and all its facets including dental website design should be implemented as soon as possible.

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