Autonomous vs. Jarvis Desk: Best 2021 Standing Desk for remote working

Autonomous vs. Jarvis Desk

Are you concerned about sitting for long stretches on remote working days? An adjustable and high-quality standing desk can help you prioritize your health and comfort while at work.

Working on a SmartDesk Core, for instance, lowers your risk of developing back pain, heart disease, and battling obesity. You can put the ill effects of incorrect sitting postures behind you by switching over to a reliable standing solution that also enhances your focus.

Autonomous vs. Jarvis Desk

When surveying the smart office standing desk market, it helps to undertake a comparative study. In the Jarvis desk vs. Autonomous desk debate, the latter considerably improves your work efficiency. In addition, the brand Autonomous offers you irresistible pricing under the EPP or Employee Purchase Program.

Comparative Study

Why spend hours leading an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle if you can comfortably accomplish all your desk tasks in a standing position? You only invite unwanted diseases and illnesses when you sit for long hours at your desk, be it at work or home. An Autonomous desk review highlights the smart AI integration functionality of these offerings.

If you are trying to decide whether you should get an Autonomous or Jarvis standing desk, consider these beneficial features of the former brand:

Superior Material Composition

Whether you are interested in the SmartDesk L-shaped, Premium, or Home Office editions, they are all built to last. Quality natural bamboo and MDF wood are the primary materials.

The sleek matte finish elevates the desk’s visual appeal and scratch-resistance. You can make your selection from a range of pleasant white oak, black, bamboo, and walnut desk colors.

Adequate cabling provision saves you from a tangled wire mess on your desktop. One notable difference between Autonomous and Jarvis is the triple motor system that L-shaped Autonomous desks are equipped with for smooth functioning and convenience.

Ample Space

The Autonomous desks are very spacious and can comfortably accommodate all your work-related stationery and gear. The SmartDesk Core can carry up to 265lbs. And, the maximum weight capacity of SmartDesk Premium and Home office editions is 300lbs, while the L-shaped version can withstand up to 330lbs.

When you go through a Jarvis desk review, you will notice that the lifting capacity is comparatively less. A standard-shaped Jarvis desk can hold a maximum of 100lbs in weight which is considerably lower than their Autonomous counterparts. With their rounded edges and solid steel frames, Autonomous desks also deliver on sturdiness.

Ease of Assembly

Within half an hour, you can finish assembling and setting up your Autonomous SmartDesk. The accompanying instruction manual provides you with clear and detailed guidelines to facilitate smooth assembly.

On this comparison parameter, Jarvis desks prove more challenging. In the Jarvis desk vs. Autonomous desk battle, the former, with their moderate to complex assembly level, are more demanding on your time. The difficulty level is determined by the model and size of the Jarvis desk.

Programmable Height Settings

The feature to program the standing desk’s height to four settings makes it highly customizable. Autonomous desks are available in various configurations. For instance, the SmartDesk Core can reach as high as 48 inches, while the SmartDesk Pro can go up even higher, to 52 inches.

In 2.3 seconds, you can raise the desktop to its maximum height. The best part is that the tops slide up and down with no resistance and minimal noise. Another stark difference between Autonomous and Jarvis is that Jarvis’ desks can only go as high as 48.5 inches against the 51 inches that Autonomous reaches.

Affordable Pricing

Every Autonomous desk review reiterates how affordably these practical creations are priced. The base price for the Autonomous model is USD 499, while a Jarvis desk review talks about its pricing starting at USD 519. Autonomous also gives you the option of paying via installments.

Additional Plus Points

Across its three SmartDesk variants, Autonomous offers you a generous warranty. On the desk frames, the warranty applicable is five years, while the tops have a one-year warranty period. If you struggle to decide between Autonomous or Jarvis, you must know that Jarvis desks offer no warranty on the tops.

To top it, Autonomous customers are not charged extra for delivery within the United States. Once you place your order, you can track the progress on delivery. Should you wish to get a feel of the standing desk before buying it, you can avail Autonomous’ 30-day trial period.

Make a Desirable Shift

When it comes to sourcing a standing desk for remote working, there is a constant tussle between the Jarvis desk vs. Autonomous desk. Considering 2021 is witnessing a sizable chunk of the workforce working remotely, owning a standing desk has become more of a necessity today.

Take your pick from the Autonomous range of SmartDesks, which have overtaken Jarvis models on essential parameters. When it boils down to price efficiency, minimal noise levels, and impressive weight lifting capacity, the Autonomous standing desks reign supreme.

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