Follow These Steps If Your Avast Av Service Is Not Responding

Avast Av Service Is Not Responding

Post updating Avast the first thing you do is restart your computer and try to launch Avast. While doing that there is a possibility of you receiving a message as you begin to restart. The messages usually say: ‘UI failed to load’. This is really frustrating when the AV service is not responding. A lot of people fail to understand why this happens and many are not able to fix the error. Here are some tried and tested solutions so check them out and apply!

The error dialog shows ‘exit’ and ‘restart service’ buttons. Usually many try to exit and restart the computer when the service is not responding. If exiting or restarting the Antivirus doesn’t help, here is how you can fix it so that the Avast opens without showing any issue.

Take note of the fact that if the UI failed to load dialog appears in your Windows 10 April 2018 update then the issue has been examined by Avast Software.

Avast has also confirmed that an incorrect Windows Services configuration can cause Avast Antivirus to trigger this glitch and here is the solution you should consider before attempting to repair or reinstall Avast.

What To Do When Avast AV Service Is Not Responding?

Steps to be followed:

  1. Go to the Run dialog, and type services.msc and press the enter key.
  2. In the Services Console, find ‘Remote Desktop Services’
  3. Post finding that double click and set it’s “startup type” to ‘automatic’ and check that the service is running.
  4. Now restart your computer and launch Avast, it’s GUI should load without popping any errors that you witnessed before.

If the issue continues to trouble then Uninstall and reinstall Avast.

How To Uninstall Avast?

  1. Open Control Panel then go to Programs and from there tap on Features.
  2. Now select Avast Free Antivirus and click uninstall.
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen and restart your computer.
  4. Download and install Avast to check the error occurs again. Most of the time, the Avast User interface loads.

Take note that if AV is also popping the same error, then if you follow the above mentioned steps it will fix the issue.

Another Alternative

If the above doesn’t work then try the repair method.

  1. Visit the Control Panel then open Settings, go to Programs and then Programs and features.
  2. Select Avast, tap on the ‘uninstall/change’ button
  3. Click on Change and choose ‘Repair’ option
  4. Wait for Avast to install the necessary changes, then restart your computer.

If you have received this same error post uninstalling Avast, please ignore it and restart your computer.


The above-mentioned solutions are all tried and tested. So try these if your Avast av service is not responding. Get back to us if you need further clarity or any other information regarding the same.

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