Basics and the Most Common Mistakes of Basketball Betting


Basketball is one of the most popular and most watched sports in the United States and beyond. It is played all over the world, there are thousands of leagues, and the largest organization is the NBA. Basketball betting is considered to be one of the easiest ways to make a big win in a short period of time. In a basketball match, something happens on the court all the time and there is a chance to bet on a lot of stuff during the game. Of course, on a lot of stuff before it starts too.


In this article, you can find all the information you need to bet on basketball matches. Everything from the very beginning to all the advanced things that are necessary for betting on this sport has been explained. There are hundreds and thousands of basketball leagues, but the most popular to bet on is the NBA because there are several games almost every day as each of the 30 teams play 82 games during the season, plus playoffs.

NBA (National Basketball Association)

The NBA is considered the best basketball league in the world, and in the U.S. and Canada, the champions of this competition are called world champions. Europeans don’t like the name with which people call the NBA winners, they consider it too pretentious. Every professional basketball player dreams of playing in the NBA one day, and it is the best choice for betting as well.

The NBA was formed in 1946 and consists of 30 teams from the United States and Canada (more precisely, only the Toronto Raptors are from Canada). The league is divided into two conferences and six divisions in which five teams play in each.

In the regular (league) part of the season, each team plays 82 matches, 41 at home and away apiece. The schedule is made as follows:

  • Each team plays four matches against a team from its division (16 matches in total).
  • Each team plays four times with six teams from other divisions (a total of 24 matches).
  • Each team plays three times with the remaining four teams from other divisions (a total of 12 matches).
  • Each team plays twice with teams from the opposite conference (a total of 30 matches).

The schedule of matches (teams play every second or third day, and it happens that they even play day after day) is one of the best, even though exhausting because it gives teams a chance to show their quality, so in the end, it almost regularly happens that the truly the best one win the trophy.

The NBA is great for betting. When we talk about basketball betting, there are other leagues, but the strongest competition, i.e. the NBA, is ‘mainstream’ and there is a great opportunity to make a profit.

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association – U.S. University League)

This is a league in which colleges from all over America compete, and it was founded back in 1891 by the famous James Naismith, the ‘father’ of basketball.

The league is divided into three divisions and in all three there is a men’s and women’s category. The division was made based on the quality of the universities as follows:

Division I

In this league, for example, in 2017 alone, as many as 351 universities competed for the NCAA title. This is the most prestigious league, and it is also the best choice for betting after the NBA, that of course if you like to put money in games of this rank.

Division II

Unlike Division I, there are 24 conferences in this competition, but with a small number of universities competing.

Division III

This league has the largest number of teams. A total of 438 active universities have competed in the last four years and are divided into as many as 43 conferences.

All in all, if you like to bet on these leagues, we recommend that you give preference to higher-quality divisions.

Other Basketball Leagues

There are also basketball leagues that are less known but popular in certain parts of the world, such as the EuroLeague or national or regional championships: Spanish league, Italian league, VTB league…

When we talk about basketball betting, you must always keep in mind that the lesser a certain league is known, the harder it is to get basic information about teams or players. Also, for leagues that are less popular, there are no live broadcasts, which is one of the important factors when betting on this sport.

Basketball Betting

Betting on this sport is very simple and easy, and that is exactly what most bettors are looking for. There are also more complex betting options, but the most tempting are the simplest ones: “moneyline” and “points spread”.

Somewhat more complex bets also offer the possibility of high earnings. However, the “total points” option is one of the most popular because there is a possibility of making a really good profit.

Total Points

Betting on basketball matches is a little different from betting on football matches, primarily because there is an option to bet on the total number of points, combined by both teams. In this game, you need to predict whether there will be more or fewer points than the set limit.

For example, if the limit is 187.5 and your bet is higher, the bet is winning if 188 or more points get scored in the match.

Different Betting Options

It is crucial to understand that there are several betting options, and whoever bets on another sport will be able to find some of the same, but also some new games, there.

  • Moneyline (final outcome) – here you can guess whether the host or the guest will win or it will be a draw.
  • Halftime bet (First half bet or second half bet) – you guess the same three options: home win, away win or draw after the first (or second) half.
  • Points spread (handicap bet) – you bet on the victory of the chosen team, but a (+) or (-) handicap (spread) has been introduced into the wager which the team you bet on must cover. The underdog is given an advantage before the game starts by assigning them with the “-“.
  • Moneyline and total points – you guess the team that will win and, at the same time, whether there will be more or fewer points in the match than the set limit.

The Most Common Mistakes When Betting on Basketball

If you are a beginner in sports betting, it would be good to read the following lines, and it is not out of place to remind even those who are a little more experienced in this pastime.

Below we have listed the most common mistakes made by players, even by the most experienced ones.

  • Betting too often
  • Playing with the heart, not the head
  • Trying to quickly recover lost money
  • Greed
  • Grumpiness
  • Betting on sports you don’t know best


When we talk about sports betting, we simply had to take basketball into account because it offers both simple and complex ways to play. As the best betting leagues, we singled out the most famous ones because it is the easiest to get information about them, and they are easy to follow.

If you are new to betting, this sport is ideal for you because it is very easy to comprehend the games that the Sofort betting sites at offer.

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