Beginner’s Guide for CS:GO Skins


You would hardly find a gamer that never tried one of the best titles in gaming history, Counter-Strike. A 20 years old game keeps providing us with memorable moments even to this date.

Everyone playing the latest release, Global Offensive, knows about the irreplaceable part of the game, weapon skins, which brought a dose of excitement to all those in love with weapon customizations.

For beginners, weapon skins can still have a dose of mystery surrounding them, and they should learn more about them before trying to use any of the CS:GO trade bot sites.

If you’re one of the beginners looking to learn more about weapon skins, you’re in the right place. We’ll share with you information about weapon skins and ways to trade them online to make real cash.

Here’s what you need to know before going online and selling your skins on different trading platforms.

What Are CS:GO Skins?

Weapon skins are the reason for many player’s recent excitement about CS:GO, as it overhauled the whole game design with fresh content players could exploit to enhance their gaming experience.

By receiving them in your inventory, you’re allowed to customize your weapons by equipping skins on them to meet your taste.

Skins make your weapons look cool and sassy while you’re out there dominating the game. When someone spectates you while you play, they can admire your weapon skin and dream about owning one as well.

Skins made the game much more visually suiting, and many players love the idea of owning a collection in their inventory.

Do They Affect Gameplay?

If you ever thought that owning an expensive and rare skin would bring you an advantage on the battleground, you’re mistaken.

CS:GO skins were never meant to change the gun handling in the game. Instead, the purpose of the skin is only for cosmetics by giving players better visual effects.

Cashing out for an expensive skin will not make you a Pro in the game, and you should look to improve your gaming skills if you want to become one.

Remember, if you’re looking to buy skins, they will only make the game look better and not improve your aim or K/D ratio.

How To Get Skins

You can acquire weapon skins in a couple of ways. However, the most popular one is by playing the game and winning matches.

The game will reward you with random drops containing weapon skins and other loot, which you can use to craft other items by combining them.

Other ways of getting skins are by trading them or buying them for real cash to avoid spending weeks playing the game and ending up with something you don’t like.

All these ways have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide which suits you best.

Trading Skins

You can trade skins with other players on Steam Marketplace and avoid long hours of playing the game without success.

Steam Marketplace allows you to list items you want to get rid of and choose if you want to trade them for other skins or Steam Wallet credits.

You can use Steam Wallet credits to buy any in-game items across the platform or buy new titles that you can add to Steam Library. Alternatively, you can use the credits to pay for a monthly subscription to any subscription-based game on this platform.

Either way, you can gain a lot by trading CS:GO skins, and many players eagerly wait for such an opportunity to arise.

Selling Skins

If you would rather make some real cash by trading CS:GO skins, you can do it by using third-party sites acting as an intermediate between you and the buyers. These sites allow you to list your skins on their page and sell them to other players willing to pay cash to get the skin they’ve always wanted.

You can feel comfortable using these sites, as they might bring you a decent profit. Some skins are worth a small fortune, and if you happen to own one, why not pass it to others and make some money along the way.

Making Money With Skins

As we mentioned above, some skins can bring you decent profits, and many players use the opportunity to list them on third-party sites instead of Steam Marketplace.

If you’re not into keeping a large inventory in CS:GO, you can get rid of some of the items you find obsolete.

Some players make a decent living by trading and selling skins online and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try as well.

Types of Skins

Counter-Strike offers different weapon skins, and they’re divided by the rarity level and the condition they’re in.

You can get different skins going from Battle-Scarred up to pristine Factory New condition that worth much more.

Besides gun skins, you can also get knives that many gamers claim are their favorite part of the game. Many knives can have a hefty price tag, and they’re a rarity to get by random drops while playing the game.

What Makes Skins More Expensive

A combination of skin’s condition and rarity level will determine each of their prices.

If a certain skin is popping up rarely in random drops, their price will automatically go up as many players would give anything to own one.

Some skin’s price can go up to a couple of thousand dollars, and if the skin’s condition is a Factory New, that price can go even higher.

StatTrack versions of skins are even more valuable, and if you happen to own one in your inventory, you should consider putting it up for sale and make some decent profit.


CS:GO skins are fun, but they can also make you rich in some cases. Head out to your inventory and check if you already own one that you can list on third-party sites.

You never know what treasure you keep in your game. So, go out there, and have fun playing the game while making some cash on the side.

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