Benefits of Studying With AlphaPrep

IT jobs are in high demand, as are the courses to prepare students for their certifications. Maybe you’ve been studying at a college in Taunton, MA to get your Security+ certification. Perhaps you have an important routing exam coming up and you need to take a CCNA practice test to get an idea of the questions, to help you focus your studies. Or maybe you’re new to these concepts and need a way to make learning easier.

No matter where you are on your IT educational journey, these exams are the best way to prove your knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. There’s no way to play the odds on multiple choice questions since each exam has performance-based questions requiring deep knowledge of the systems involved. No matter how nerve-racking these exams can seem, AlphaPrep can offer you the best chance to pass on your first attempt. This unique machine-learning app continuously tracks your knowledge level and pace to ensure you are always appropriately challenged. The following are some of the biggest advantages AlphaPrep offers.

There is no playing with the odds you need the perfect preparation you can get that with clep study guides. The clep test prep and clep exam prep will help you prepare to answer the multiple question answers with the pace that is needed. So if you don’t want to take a chance then clep prep is something you wouldn’t want to pass out on.


AlphaPrep grants you access to detailed courses loaded with study material, practice tests, and detailed performance reviews to help track how well prepared you are for an exam. Course selections include CCNA and Security+ as well as A+, Network+, TetraNoodles, CCNP Switch, and more.

Each course comes with in-depth videos and study materials on all appropriate subject matter as well as thousands of practice exam questions directly from Cisco and Pearson. AlphaPrep’s practice tests all contain real exam questions that have been used in the past, so you can be confident you’re receiving solid information. Most courses also include certification guides published by the certifying organizations. There are generally discounts for students and multiple versions of each course, so you have the option of paying only for what you need.


For those who need a more personalized approach than what the courses offer, AlphaPrep also offers expert boot camps. These are more detailed courses with the benefit of a live instructor. Each Bootcamp is led by an expert in the field, and they each come with eight hours of classroom instruction. Beyond that, individual appointments can be scheduled for additional help.

Bootcamps also come with a full lab course that guides you through basic concepts to help you understand the most advanced questions you could see on your exams. Instructors are all IT experts who have had many years of experience teaching technical concepts, and they are all passionate about your success.

Intelligent evaluation

AlphaPrep uses a machine learning exam engine to assess your abilities at the start of each course to ensure you’re always receiving appropriate material for your knowledge level. This is to confirm that your time is not wasted with trivial materials or questions and also keeps you from being overwhelmed by overly complex ideas. Throughout the course, you will level up based on your performance on practice tests, and this will continue until you are ready for your exam.

Try before you buy

Perhaps best of all, AlphaPrep offers a trial version of each course that includes study bundles filled with e-books, video courses, and other useful materials. This is paired with the ultimate pass guarantee that promises to pay for half the cost of your exam if you don’t pass on your first attempt. With no real risk of trying the app and a financial buffer for your exam, you can take your first step toward passing with confidence.

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