Best 5 Tips For Using an Indoor Grow Tent you Must Know.


A grow tent has become a great piece of equipment that can help you turn your indoor space into a garden. Before you can get one for yourself, you need to know the tips below because it will go a long way in helping you with gardening using grow tents. With the grow tent, you can garden all year round. They have become popular because more and more people are getting to know the benefits they stand to get when they garden using them. Below are the best 5 tips you can use when using an indoor grow tent. Don’t forget you can always take a look for a list such as Best Grow Tent, or Best Indoor Grow Tent. This will usually give you an extensive list of sites that offer there expert option on which ones are the best.

#1 Choosing the Best Location

You should choose a place that you can dedicate the tent for a few months. The area you choose should have access to water and power. There is no need to put in a lot of effort in setting it up, then realizing power or water cannot reach the garden. Depending on the equipment you are going to use, you need to make sure that your electrical circuit will be able to handle the demand. You also need to keep in mind that spills and accidents are going to happen, which is why you need to avoid putting your tent over hardwood floors or carpet. If you have no other option, then you will be forced to be extra careful.

The location should not be too obtrusive because it will be an obstacle to your day to day life when at home. If the location you choose is too awkward to get to, you will find yourself visiting it less and less, which encourages neglect of your plants.

#2 Allowing for Room for Growing in the Tent

The indoor garden is going to take more space than the tent –which means you need to have a place for storing extra supplies and equipment. The ballast for the lighting system, AC unit, a reservoir, excess grow media, and nutrient storage are some of the items that will need extra space to be allocated.

An organized garden is going to take up less space than an unorganized garden. Have an area where you will have the items mentioned above stored, and this will help in keeping clutter from spreading to the rest of the room. Organizing a garden is not that complicated; just a couple of minutes. You should try to be organized from the first day, and you will never have to worry about clutter.

#3 Use Two Grow Tents

Instead of choosing one large tent, go with one small and one medium tent. When you use more than one tent, you are giving yourself more versatility when you want to grow a short-day plant. This means you can set one tent to summer lighting and the other one to fall. This ensures you will have a continual harvest.

If you introduce the plants to the fall tent over a few weeks, then you will be able to spread your harvest over weeks. Having more than one tent is also a good idea because it will mean easier recovery if there is a catastrophic failure of your tents.

You can Use One Tent If;

There are pros and cons to using one tent. Canopy control is easier when your plants are the same age, and you can harvest your produce in a single event. There are some growing techniques like nutrient film technique (NFT) or other hydroponic, then single-tent gardening is going to make a lot of sense because the plants are usually not easily moved. The plants tend to spend the entire lifecycle in the same tent.

How you are going to garden should determine the best tent set-up.

#4 Checking the Quality of the Tent

Before you choose a tent, look at the quality. Look at the design and stability of the frame. It is not going to support a lot, but should not look flimsy once you have assembled it. Have a look at the quality of the shell and stitching.

#5 Read the Grow Tent Instructions

When you assemble the tent, you should take time to read through the instructions, or you might end up getting frustrated. Having a second pair of hands to help with the assembly will go a long way, although one person can put the tent together. Before assembling, read so you will have a rough idea of what needs to go where.

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