Best 7 RapidSSL Certificates Providers


We have heard a lot about SSL certificates and its security features and how it is helpful to the online business owners, etc. Indeed, it is an essential part of our life these days, because our entire business is online owing to the digitization. But do we all actually comprehend the SSL certificates the same way it has to be or are we really serious about? The question is answered correctly by the business owners who in reality use it. This article will talk about standard SSL certificate and majorly about the RapidSSL certificates. Do not worry, we take you step by step so that you are strangled in the maze of these security hacks.

Let us tell you something about Heartbleed Bug which will throw some light on the importance of the SSL certificates and HTTPS features. In April 2014 the Heartbleed Bug had a major impact on the online business when there was a severe security breach in the open SSL Open-source library. Due to this, there were many websites were put at risk and were on the verge of damage. What were the consequences? Of course, they were bad, and this arouses the necessity for higher security levels to be introduced. Thus Google took some stringent measures to make the web a  secure place. It gave importance to HTTPS in order to make the web a safe place to work and to keep the websites away from the bugs and hacking attacks. This will further help in the increment of the rankings on google search engine. This takes us to an understanding of SSL certificates, and how they help to enhance the security of businesses. Look into the next section to know more.

How SSL Certificate helps in online business

To kick-start with an understanding of what is an SSL Certificates – they are the tiny digital data files that are combined with a cryptographic key. SSL certificates when installing on your server, it comes with free trust seal, padlock and HTTPS protocol. SSL certificate gives the power of security to online businesses and protecting them from malicious activities.

  • Firstly, they enhance visitor’s loyalty, by giving them assurance that their information will not be hacked or misused.
  • Secondly, if your website is secured, it will help in driving great numbers of sales.
  • Thirdly, it will boost your SEO rankings as well.

Ideally, SSL certificates are issued by the certificate authority – CA. There are different types of validation of SSL certificate – Domain Validation, Organizational validation and Extended validation – depending on the type of business they are chosen.

Today, in the next section of this article we will talk about one of the trusted SSL certificate authority RapidSSL certificates and its advantages.

Why are RapidSSL certificates good for the low budget and start-up websites?

To start with, let us know a bit about what are RapidSSL certificates? And what they do? RapidSSL Certificates support to give security to the Business who are seeking a low-cost option with fully functional SSL certificate. Its issuance time is fast and they are a good choice for startup and newcomers in the online business. Ideal for those who do not want to spend a huge chunk of money on the business at the start.

RapidSSL certificate authority provides two SSL  certificate such as RapidSSL certificate and RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate. RapidSSL certificate is standard SSL certificate that secures single domain whereas RapidSSL Wildcard certificate secures the main domain as well as its subdomains. Let’s look at best 7 RapidSSL certificates providers who help you to save your money on your SSL purchase.

Let’s look at the best 7 RapidSSL certificate providers that help you save your money on your SSL purchase.

Which are the best providers of RapidSSL Certificates?


ClickSSL positioned in the United States is a platinum partner of trusted certificate authorities. It is known for the certified products and offering the highest standards of security certificates to the websites. Considering this ClickSSL has a huge portfolio of SSL certificates that are issued by CAs. Depending on the brand and the type of the business you can choose the SSL certificate. Here RapidSSL certificates come with features free site seal, robust encryption, SHA-2 algorithm support, USD $10,000 Warranty – all this at a bare minimum price at ClickSSL. Additionally, you get 24/7 support as well over email or chat.


CoMBoZo is a web hosting company that is also a reseller of widely used SSL certificates. It is considered to be the best hosting service providers with extended reselling of SSL certificates like RapidSSL, RapidSSL Wildcard and much more – all this at an amazing discounted price. Get the strongest encryption with 2048 Bit Root and up to 256 -bit SSL.

Cheap SSL Shop

Cheap SSL Shop is an SSL certificate provider company that offers excellent services and a variety of SSL certificates. It is renowned globally for the best and the cheap SSL certificates. Additionally, you get a lot of digital certificates as well, for example – Wildcard SSL, EV SSL, Multi Domain SSL etc. Get your RapidSSL certificates from cheap SSL Shop and get 24-hour service support and features such as free site seal, 70 percent discounted rates, browser compatibility and strong encryption.


It is a reseller that offers the highest standards of security with a different range of SSL certificates. Out the whole range of SSL certificates offered by Servertastic reseller program, you can get your RapidSSL Certificates at the lowest price. Just login free, sign up and create an account to get your SSL. With RapidSSL certificates, get 256-bit SSL encryption, $10,000 warranty, 30 day refund policy, easy issuing, etc.


SSL2Buy is a global SSL provider and a trusted reseller of SSL certificates that are issued by certificate authorities. It offers a wide range of SSL certificates at low cost for varied kind of businesses. Its RapidSSL SSL certificates come at a discounted price. SSL2Buy offers warranty and 24-hour service support. RapidSSL certificates with strong encryption help to increase the sales of your website. You do not need any paperwork for RapidSSL certificates.


Certs4less is a fantastic reseller that has collaboration with Symantec, Thawte, Geotrust and RapidSSL. This RapidSSL certificates provider is amazingly great in support system and offers the best quality of SSL certificate for your business. With highly stable security and data encryption, it offers 128/256 Bit encryption.


Another trusted and global SSL certificate provider offers excellent discounts on RapidSSL certificates. It is a reseller and its programs offer an array of SSL certificates. Get your RapidSSL certificates from Trustico and get competitive prices with a reliable certificate. You can get a Rapid SSL certificate and Rapid Wildcard certificate with the best warranty in hand.

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