Best affiliate marketing strategies for beginners

Best affiliate marketing strategies for beginners

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative line of business. However, many newcomers end up disappointed when they don’t start making huge amounts of money right from the start. This may come from affiliate publishers advertising their job as basically doing nothing and being able to quit their job and support a lavish lifestyle through little to no effort. We are here to help you achieve your affiliate dreams.

Grow your audience with high quality content

Getting a large number of people to follow your work isn’t an easy feat. It is especially difficult to relate to your visitors if you decide to dabble in a highly lucrative field that has nothing to do with your interests. Hence, the solution to this problem is to start your business so that it relates to your pre-existing passions. Online marketing has grown immensely in the last decade, and products relating to all walks of life can be advertised through affiliate marketers. Having a genuine interest in the subject is the first step to accumulating an audience interested in the same topics.

One of the better ways to attract visitors is to frame your content in a way that answers a question or addresses ways to fix a problem. That is how you’ll reach people who turn to web browsers for help when they don’t know how to fix said problems themselves. That is to say – your content is the best way to gain your audience’s trust and attract even more people to your site. Hence, you should put some real effort into your posts or videos. Find your angle, whether it will be your style of writing or editing, time you dedicate to research, or finding unique applications for your knowledge. No matter how interested someone is in a topic they can only read the same article so many times.

Apply the best strategy to your content creating skills

Getting your start in the affiliate marketing industry isn’t simple, but it can be achieved through dedication and planning. Now that you have found your voice, you should dedicate some time to finding out which topics to cover. Think about it like this: If you had the intention to buy a product, and turned to the internet to learn more about it, what type of content would be the most interesting? Some examples that come to mind are

  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Demonstrations
  • Applications of the product

Of course, this isn’t an all-encompassing list, and you should focus on the product or service you are selling. But, nonetheless, these examples can be helpful to any affiliate. If you are lucky enough to get an offer that includes a new product, you should hurry up and test it so you can be one of the first people to write or film a review. This is a great way to rank high within search engine results and the Youtube algorithm. If you happen to have a previous version of the product, or a competitor’s version of it, creating a comparison-based post or video is the logical step. If the product is one of a kind and needs some know-how before it can be used, demonstrations and applications to a project are the way to go.

Creating content around a product is a balancing act, and you shouldn’t make it glaringly obvious the post exists only to promote. Think of it more like a tutorial or an exercise that happens to contain a handy link for any interested visitor.

Offer value through coupons and codes

How many times have you wanted to buy something only to realize it was too expensive, and give up at the last second? A good deal can make many apprehensive visitors turn into customers, and keep coming back to your site as well. Additionally, offering coupons can attract those users who browse the internet with the intention to find them. If you have followed the first tip, they will also have a reason to return to your site, as the content you are offering is valuable in and of itself.

Coupons are a great way to get your audience to trust you. They will appreciate you are enabling them to get a good deal, even though you will get less money from commissions. On the other hand, the volume of commissions will be going up, allowing you to still make good money. This way everyone is happy, and you will grow your reputation. Adding a time limit to your coupons and codes is a great way to further increase the number of commissions, as it creates the fear of missing a great opportunity out.

Utilize all available technology

The progress of online marketing can not be denied. While some types of ads succumbed to time and banner blindness, some have remained as successful as ever, and new forms are emerging as technology progresses. As you may have guessed, banners needed to evolve as not to be completely forgotten. On the other hand, email marketing is still one of the biggest affiliate marketing strategy, even though it may not seem so. As mobile devices are more accessible to a large part of the global population, mobile-exclusive forms of advertisement, such as in-app and push ads have become more relevant and successful than ever before.

Track your results and optimize campaigns

The world of affiliate marketing is a dynamic one. The fact that the smallest change can give unexpected results makes it even more so. That is why it is important to stay on top of current trends and see how they apply to your own efforts. Not everything works in every niche, but making sure your campaign is working at full capacity is always a good practice. Take the time to test how your audience would react to different layouts, headlines, photos or any number of small changes. See if you can find out which parts of the site get the most activity and try positioning your most attractive offers in that area. Play around and find out what works best for you, as there really is no recipe for sure success.

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