Top 6 Android Emulators for Windows | 2020

Top 6 Android Emulators for Windows

Want to experience Android but in a bigger display? Don’t worry because this article is for you. An Android emulator helps a Windows user run Android operating system on it. This is 2020 and technology is far better and there are a number of emulators for pc.

Use of an Emulator?

The developers who create Android apps use the service to debug and find crashed in any given app without any need to trying every app again and again on any smartphone. Apart from this, gamers use this service to play games on a larger screen without any hassle of internet connection.

On the web, there are a number of Android Emulators that are downloaded by million of users but not all are worth the try. So, our team tried and tested some the famous emulators and got up with the following list of Android Emulators.

Disclaimer: “Our team is not responsible for any bugs or sudden crashes caused in the system after installing the android emulator.”

Top 6 Android Emulators for Windows

#1 Bluestacks

No doubt in calling Bluestacks the oldest and most famous emulator out there. It is so optimized that even runs smoothly on low-end PCs and covers all the basic things. Not just for gamers, it is also widely used by general users to play Android apps on the PC. The few version of Bluestacks were not very optimized for working on PC but after a year, it went viral and many Clash of Clans users were using this to play the game. The current version runs on Android Nougat.

Whether it be intel or AMD, it runs smooth on both the CPU. It has also partnered with Samsung in which Galaxy Store has been introduced to it to give a wider range of apps including Fortnite and RAID. The company claims Bluestacks to be 6X times faster than any android phone. This emulator has certain features including key mapping, AI based engine and multi-instance for a smoother experience.

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Download from here.

#2 Nox Player

Followed by Bluestacks, this is another great Android Emulator for those who uses it for other purposes except for just gaming.  No doubt, it has a ton of features that provides a seamless experience using this emulator. Whether it be controller compatibility, gameplay optimizations, changing the device information and what not, this one is the best pick. The main area where it sways a user is its User Interface.

Even though this Player is based on Android Lollipop, but Android Nougat can also be used on this using its multi drive feature. One can root the device to play with the device without any hassle, just turn on a toggle and hurray, the device is rooted.

Download from here.

#3 MEmu player

MEmu is another amazing Android Emulator for Windows which was introduced a bit later after the above two, but was able to reach on the third place. This emulator comes with a lot of useful features packed in the software itself. MEmu supports both intel and AMD CPUs.

In the emulator, multiple windows of same app can run which makes it easier for a user to multi-task. It runs on Android Nougat but a user can run Android KitKat as well as Lollipop on the emulator. MEmu is greatly optimized for various game titles like PUBG and COD.

Download from here.

#4 LDPlayer

This emulator is for those who are running Windows 10, and are in search of highly optimized gaming that blend well with the system. LDPlayer has gained a lot of popularity since its launch few months back. To test things in real life, we tried it on AMD based computer and guess what? It worked like butter. The latest version of MEmu player is based on Android Nougat.

The company has its own dedicated app store to install apps. Also, not to mention Virtualization Technology can also be experience by turning on it in settings. All in all, this is a great Android Emulator to try in 2020.

 Download from here.

#5 Remix OS player

This Android Emulator is a bit different from all the other ones discussed because this one comes with an intuitive UI that looks more like Chrome OS by Google. It can also serve as a fully fledged operating system and a great competition to Windows. Remix OS player runs on Android Marshmallow which is a bit old but good as it works just fine.

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Some of its features include Native Google play support, button mapping, signal settings, location, battery etc. due to the regular updates, this is one of the most stable Emulator in list discussed so far. One should know that the company stopped upgrading to new build but the Marshmallow version is still amazing and works just fine.

Download from here.

#6 Gameloop

Gameloop is another great emulator which got famous after the release of PUBG. It is made for serious gamers with high graphics output. The reason of the hype for this emulator is because it was formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy which is made by Tencent as it is highly optimized for PUBG. As of 2019 end, the name got changed and now, all the games can be downloaded on the Emulator.

A user can also install Google Play Store in the emulator by installing the module during the installation process of the initial setup. It has one of the best key-mapping and mouse support with best optimizations, controls and minimum response time.

Download from here.

Let’s Wrap up

Apart from the options from above, there is also an Emulator known as Genymotion. It is an emulator for more serious developers for apps and bugs. It runs both offline in the Windows machine as well as on the browser. Genymotion also has various builds including the latest Android 10.

However, this is a paid app with free 60 minutes trial on its Cloud. Check it out by clicking here.

There are many emulators that were tested by our team that include AndyOS, KoPlayer, and Droid4X but those were not good ones that should be used on the machines. Some were not stable, some were having privacy issues etc.

Still, have any questions? Don’t worry, just comment down below and our team will reply ASAP.

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