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Is your car also driven by many drivers? One can only imagine the anxiousness after handing over the keys of your car to someone else. “I wish I could watch wherever they take my car to.”- Almost everyone’s wish who’s super conscious about their cars. Well, a good news for you; you can now sit in your lounge and ACTUALLY see where your car is going to through good car tracker!


Almost all families share cars and so, to keep a check on how others are driving your car and where they are going to, a tracker will help you to have it all right in front of your eyes. You can ensure the cars and the driver’s safety this way, precaution is better than cure!

Plus, if we talk about business, it’s an effective way to keep a check on your employees delivering your products at time. With the data concluded, you can improve your car’s performance and in case your car gets stolen, just track your thief’s route, narrate it to the police and whoa, your car is once again in front of you!



Such a tracker cannot perform real-time tracking i.e. it will not show the exact movement of your car. It will rather record it and store it in the form a file, which you open by connecting the device to a PC.

“What’s the benefit then!?” Scroll down to know about the other type.


An active tracker is a real-time tracker and it covers all the benefits you’re looking for! This type of tracker records and shows data simultaneously so you know the exact movement of your car for a certain time.


Attention! There are things you should look for before paying for your tracker. Here’s what:


A tracker which doesn’t perform this function is similar to not having a tracker at all (most of the times the driver narrates the route themselves). The purpose of a tracker is to show you data while the car is on its way and you know which tracker does that the best. Moreover, a passive GPS tracker cannot help you regain your lost cars.


This size depends on the device’s size. Small sized devices have smaller batteries but they will need you to replace them every new week. On the other hand, bigger sized batteries have bigger batteries which can last up good for a month or so, though they can be pointed out easily and thus aren’t recommendable. “What to go for then?”– The best is to go for device which doesn’t require batteries and can be plugged inside the car

For more details visit our

Now that you know the features of a good GPS tracker, you must be thinking, “Where can I get this all?” You don’t have to worry for that because in fact, you don’t even need to step out of your house. All you need to do is just scroll down!

We have narrowed down for you BEST CAR TRACKER WITHOUT MONTHLY FEE.

Time to reveal the product: SINOTRACK. Why this?

  1. It performs real-time tracking which means you can track the movement of your car AT THAT EXACT TIME.
  2. It is small in size and therefore portable.
  3. It can help you track your teens over-speeding or your employees delaying the delivery!
  4. NO MONTHLY FEE is involved so be stress-free as you use this tracker.



As soon as the car starts its journey, you will be notified about its movement and so you can know when the ride started/ended. Similarly, in case your teenager goes over the speed or your car is low at battery, the app of SinoTrack will notify you so that you can recharge it before facing a problem.


Do not want to get caught up in the exhaustion of replacing the batteries? Great, because this GPS tracker comes with a build-in battery. The device can be plugged inside the car and supply a constant supply of power on its own without you having to do anything at all (just pay the price). No installation costs or wires getting tangled issues!


Want to see your car’s movement of about a year ago? Rest assure because this tracker can show the history of up to 2 years. Visit your trips anytime, anywhere. Being a real-time tracker as well, this device can offer both the passive and active features.

What are you still thinking about? Buy this before someone else buys this and you lose the best GPS tracker in the market at an affordable price (which comes with all of the features!). Buy this GPS tracker and see where the other drivers take your car to.

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