Best Casinos in the World to Play Roulette


Playing roulette in a casino is a thrilling experience.  When the croupier spins the wheel and everyone around the table sits in wait, to see if their selection is going to triumph, is like nothing else on the planet.  Watching the ball jump and move from one segment to the next is tense, especially as the wheel slows down but what are the best casinos in the world to play roulette?

There are probably three locations that spring to mind when it comes to a ‘once in a lifetime’ roulette experience and they are Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau. If you can’t make it to the casino, all you need now is your mobile and you can play on a range of exciting casino apps, anywhere, any time.

The Mirage in Las Vegas has been going strong for over 30 years and is easily one of the best casinos in the world to play roulette.  They offer both American and European roulette wheels and the casino floor at The Mirage is buzzing 24 hours a day.  In addition to the casino and roulette wheels, The Mirage is home to fantastic live shows and the famous Paradise Café, making it a great place to relax between the intense action in the casino.

Monte Carlo, also known as Monaco, is the European playground of the rich and famous.  Here you will find Casino de Monte Carlo, without doubt one of the best casinos in the world to play roulette.  The grand setting, fascinating roulette history and prestige of this casino make it one you cannot miss.  Many roulette playing theories have been developed at Casino de Monte Carlo.  It was also the site for the famous scam involving three British men.  They managed to con €3.7 million by swapping chips they purchased outside the casino that were worth €10 for €1000 chips inside the casino.

Moving from Europe to Asia and the City of Dreams Casino in Macau is regarded by many as being one of the best places in the world to play roulette.  Playing roulette at the City of Dreams does not come cheap but the experience is superb, with the flashing floor and intense gambling action adding to the overall thrill of playing roulette.  When you step away from the various roulette wheels available, you will find a theatre, water display and Michelin star restaurants among other attractions.

Finally, we return to Europe and Casino Baden Baden, which is located in Germany.  At Casino Baden Baden you will find a building which is over 200 years old yet emanates all the glamour and sophistication one would expect from the best casinos in the world to play roulette.  At Baden Baden Casino you will find a choice of French roulette and American roulette tables but if it is the glamourous style of play you are looking to experience; you should opt for the former.

There are many fine casinos around the world in which you can enjoy playing roulette but those highlighted above each offer something a little extra to make them special.

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