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The scene of hundreds upon hundreds of traders shouting and jeering at a large screen in a trading pit is rarely seen anymore. You can now mimic the trades made by more experienced traders, even if you’re starting out as a investor. Copy trading platform is a relatively new concept that allows you to gain this trading knowledge.

You don’t need to do any research yourself if you copy a trader. However, it’s not to suggest that there aren’t risks involved in copying a trader. That’s just the nature of trading. Nevertheless, eToro is the dominant platform in copy trading. It now hosts over 12 million traders. We’ve created a guide to help you find the best traders on eToro. This guide also covers copy trading basics to get you started, and most importantly, how to choose a seasoned trader who meets your long term investing goals.

Top 5 Best Traders On EToro 2022

There are so many eToro copy trading available, it can be difficult to choose which eToro investors to copy and gain insight from. You might think it is obvious to choose a trader who has many copiers. Taking into consideration what you are most interested in as a trader, you might find that some of the top investors on eToro shine in other areas.

We have gathered 5 of the most successful traders on eToro 2022, along with some information about each.

#1 Jay Edward Smith

He is one of the most popular copy traders on eToro. The investor is highly sought after by eToro users, with 12,381 copies and a return rate of 24.61% over the past 12 months.

Jay Edward Smith, a full-time eToro investment is 31 years old. He is based in Basingstoke (England). A former professional gamer and esports manager, Jay Edward Smith is also a logistics coordinator. He has interests in financial markets, crypto and economics, as well as technology.

A trader should have a minimum copy suggestion to $500. However, a recommendation of $2,000+ is highly recommended. To get the most out of his portfolio, it is recommended that he copy trade for at least 2 years.

Jay has over $5 million in copy assets under his management. Jay is now 35.20% in green in 2020 (up until July) and made incredible returns in 2019 of 52.32%.

Let’s take a look at Jay Edward Smith’s current trading portfolio.

  • 47.87% Stocks.
  • 23.43% Indices.
  • 19.25% Crypto.
  • 5.51% ETFs.
  • 3.78 Commodities.
  • 0.08% Currencies.

This trader has a 5 risk rating. His investment strategy includes:

  • Use minimum leverage (maximum x2)
  • Analyse fundamental, technical, and sentimental.
  • Stocks and cryptocurrency are the main trades.

Risk Score: 5

Save 27.75%

*If you had invested $1,000 one year ago, you would have made a profit of $281.00

#2 Olivier Jean Andre Danvel

The trader boasts a staggering 9,807 copiers, and a return rate of 6.38% over the past 12 months. Olivier manages $5 million in assets on eToro and has a low-risk trading approach with strict money management rules. His monthly target is 1%.

Olivier is a professional fund manager and has been in the business of investing forex trading for more than two decades. He is interested in technical analysis, as well as financial articles and investment news.

This trader earned 8.40% in returns in 2019. He is currently in the green at 2.27% for the first six months 2020. The portfolio of Olivier Jean Andre Danvel is composed of:

  • 84.48% currencies.
  • 10.84% commodities.
  • 4.15% Indices.
  • 0.54% crypto.

Olivier has a minimum copy recommendation at $500 and a risk level of 2, making it a great choice if you’re interested in forex trading.

Risk Score: 1

Gain: 6.37%

*A $1,000 investment would have yielded a $65.00 profit.

#3 Jeppe Kirk Bonde

Jeppe is another popular trader on eToro, with 8,360 copies on the platform. He has had returns of 23.19% over the past 12 months. Jeppe’s impressive 2019 return percentage was 45.55%, and he was almost always in the green month after month.

He is currently in the green at 8.33% as of mid-2020. His experience includes a role as a consultant in management, where he advised some of the most well-respected banks around the globe. He has a master’s in finance and strategic management.

Jeppe is a Risk Level 5 and his Strategy includes:

  • Fundamental valuations.
  • Trends in markets around the globe.
  • Diversification and hedging are used to manage portfolio risks.
  • Avoid leverage whenever possible.

The copy trader avoids instruments that have high fees and short positions. He also tries to minimize trade frequency.

Let’s take a look at Jeppe’s trading portfolio.

  • 88.97% stocks.
  • 6.76% ETFs.
  • 2.60% crypto.
  • 1.56% commodities.

To ensure that you can mirror the orders of your counterpart, it is recommended to copy open trades with a minimum stake of $300

Risk Score: 5

Gain: 22.86%

*If you had invested $1,000 one year ago, you would have made a profit of $232.00

#4 Heloise Greeff

This copy trader owns 1,498 copiers, and has returned 26.39% over the past 12 months. Heloise Greeff had made profits of 20.19% by the end of 2019. This investor earned 17.74% in the first six months 2021.

Heloise has an Oxford University MBA and is a specialist in trading stocks. He also has an interest in ETFs and indices.

Heloise Greeff’s trading portfolio is as follows:

  • 98.29% Stocks.
  • 0.55% ETFs.
  • 0.55% Indices.
  • 0.36% Commodities.
  • 0.18% Crypto.

These are just a few of Heloise’s trading niches:

  • Pharma and technology
  • US Indices.
  • Machine learning and technical analyses
  • Spreading risk and achieving high returns

Minimum suggested copy amount is 1,000 (5.45%), Mastercard (5.3%), Microsoft (4.50%), and Visa (3.80 %) are some of her largest investments.

Risk score: 5

Gain: 28.63%

*If you had invested $1,000 one year ago, you would have made a profit of $290.00

#5 Teoh Khai Liang

Teoh Khai Liang, a copy trader with 7,740 copiers, is another popular name on our list. Teoh’s return has been 55.92% in the past 12 months. He has assets worth more than $5 million. In 2019, he earned 46.65%. His returns for 2019 are at 37.66%, which is incredible.

Teoh trades mainly in stocks so if your goal is to follow him, you will need to be able to deal primarily blue-chip shares. He is focused on long-term positions.


  • 97.30% Stocks.
  • 2.70% ETFs.

Copy trading strategy for copy traders includes:

  • Long-term investments.
  • Stocks should be held unless there are fundamental changes.
  • Stocks to hold when the market is up
  • If the market falls, you can buy stock.

Risk score: 5

Gain: 59.11%

*If you had made $1,000 a year ago, you would have earned a profit of $599.00

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