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Today, cybersecurity is one of the rapidly growing industries. The number of cyber attacks and data breaches are increasing consistently. This is likewise enhancing the importance of a safer network and experts who can ensure them. A greater amount of the IT budget is assigned for supporting security, eventually prompting the need to contract greater cybersecurity specialists to secure the organizations.

The year 2018 saw a lot of cybersecurity breaches. Also, a significant number of breaches were endured by world-renowned companies such as Facebook and Aadhaar. Around 87 million records were ruptured by Facebook and more than 1.1 billion records were breached by Aadhaar. The sheer extent of these information security breaches compares not just with greater misfortunes and more media inclusion. In addition, there are more employment and open doors for IT and cybersecurity experts today than ever.

With the increasing number of job opportunities for the seekers, companies are also actively looking only for the best ones. To evaluate a prospective InfoSec candidate, employers are keen to hire individuals with more and more certifications and experience. Especially, certifications have become an important parameter to judge the employee’s credibility and skills.

So, no matter if you are an employer or an employee, we have listed down some of the best IT security certifications in 2019 to pursue your career and organizational growth and security. Take a look!

5 Best Information Security Certifications 2019

CompTIA Security+

Everyone interested in or working in the field of cybersecurity knows the importance of CompTIA Security+ certification in their career. CompTIA Security+ is one of the core information security certifications for the candidates to pursue. Also, this certification only requires 1-2 years of experience to pass the exam.

CompTIA Security+ cert builds up the core knowledge expected from any candidate aiming to get a job in the InfoSec industry. This certification is especially valuable for Systems Administrators, Network Engineers, and Information Security Analyst. The average salary for an individual with CompTIA Security+ is around $72-80K.

The value of this certification is high also because it is acknowledged and regarded universally. The individuals with this certification learn skills like threat management, controlling and managing security systems, cryptography, identity management, understanding and controlling security infrastructure, network access control, and security risk identification and mitigation.

CCNA Security certification

Another best information security certification for beginners is CCNA Security certification. This certification gives the basic level of knowledge of cybersecurity and is considered the fundamental certification of Cisco’s chain. This is the reason why you don’t need to have any prior experience to appear or pass the exam. However, a candidate must be 18 to appear in the exam or have his/her parents’ consent if the age varies between 13-17.

CCNA Security certification learns the skills like how to build up a security system, perceive dangers to systems, identify vulnerabilities in the system, and manage and control security dangers. The common pay scale of a person with a CCNA Security certification is around $70-80K annually.


Data breaches and cybers attacks online have made the organizations actively involved in hiring candidates who can counter the attacks and utilize the white hat ethical hacking to secure the system.

This is the reason why the number of openings for a job as an ethical hacker is continuously increasing and bosses of the organizations are trying to get as many ethical hackers on board as they should to secure their network and system. In this scenario, getting CEH certified is one of the best ways to get the job and the likes of the bosses. This certification requires 1-2 years of prior experience.

CEH certification is costly as compared to other certifications on the list, however, once you get certified you can earn up to $79,260K annually.  This certification gives the right skills to recognize, analyze, and design the solutions to overcome the vulnerabilities in the network. Individuals with CEH knows how to manage and control networking issues, denial-of-service attacks, worms and viruses, footprinting and reconnaissance, Trojans, system hacking,  enumeration, sniffers, session hijacking, cryptography, SQL injection, hacking web servers, wireless networks and web applications, penetration testing, evading IDS, and firewalls.


This certification has high regard in the industry and it is not easy to pursue this without experience or with a little experience in hand. The CISSP certification has long held centrality as it gives a very detailed and complete knowledge of cybersecurity. Only appearing in the exam for this certification requires a minimum of 5 years of experience.

CISSP is pursued by the industry experts who are extremely passionate to master their skills in information security. The CISSP certified individuals are usually at the upper positions and perform duties of a manager, director, or chief in their organizations. With their experience, they have learned the skills of master learning expected to plan and execute strategies and approaches within the organizations.

With this superior knowledge, CISSP adds and further polishes the skills of Asset Security, Security Assessment and Testing, Risk Management, Software Development Security, Security Operations, Security Architecture and Engineering, Identity and Access Management, and Network Security. This cert demonstrates that the individual has the competitive skills to successfully configure, execute and manage top tier cybersecurity program. The average pay of a CISSP certified individual is around $108K.


Businesses are more actively seeking individuals to make their systems and networks secure against cyber attacks. This is where getting a CISA certification will help. Getting CISA certified is one of the guaranteed ways to hack the career advancements in cybersecurity. To appear in the CISA exam candidates require five years of experience need to pass 450 on the 200-800 point test to get the certification. CISA teaches skills like analyzing, monitoring, controlling, and reviewing data security, network, and business systems. The average salary of a CISA certified individual around $110K annually.

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