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Let’s face it, out of all the entertainment options available to us, TV is by far the most used and loved the medium of amusement. It’s always there in the living room when you get home, waiting for you to kick back with a cold one and just start browsing. Unlike the old days when TVs looked like a huge square with a handful of channels available, today we have multiple options and numerous channels at our disposal. A good example can be the Spectrum plans that offer over 200 channels for you to browse through and watch whatever suits the mood at the time. Cable TV is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about entertainment, but that is not what we’re going to talk about today. Today we are going to explore other forms of TV services that use the internet to get you connected to your favorite channels.

The online streaming services for TVs are quite diverse that target different audiences. Some of these services offer sports channels for sports enthusiasts while others focus on lifestyle entertainment. Rest assured, there is something available for everyone, no matter if you’re into old westerns, reality shows, animal planet, or science-fiction. You’ll be able to find just about anything you’re looking for. Another interesting fact about these services is that you don’t need a conventional TV to access your shows; you have the freedom of watching anything you want through your mobile device, web browser, gaming console, and media streaming devices.

We are going to discuss the most prominent streaming services one by one now.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an amazing option if you are looking for a service that essentially covers all the bases. Its network includes a variety of sports, news, and entertainment channels along with FOX, AMC, CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, and ESPN. They have also added content from the Discovery network and ViacomCBS, in addition to local PBS channels. Showtime, Starz, HBO Max, and NBA League Pass can also be added on to your service. An interesting thing about YouTube TV is that they give you the option to keep an unlimited number of DVR recordings for nine months. You can also use your service on up to three devices simultaneously.

Hulu TV

Hulu Live TV is another amazing service that offers around 60 channels that include news, sports, and general entertainment. Among the news channels, you get MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN International, CNN, CNBC, CBS, and ABC. Within the entertainment genre, you have access to SYFY, National Geographic, HGTV, FX, Food Network, Disney, Discovery, Cartoon Network, and Animal Planet. Apart from these diverse offerings, Hulu also includes local NBC Affiliates, FOX, and CBS along with an option to add-on HBO or Showtime for additional charges. The standard DVR limit for this service is 50 hours, but if this is not enough for you, you can add the Enhance Cloud DVR option and increase the number of recording hours to 200. On a standard plan, users have the option to use two devices simultaneously but can upgrade to an Unlimited Screens package.


FuboTV is a service that specializes in sports coverage with channels like NBC, CBS, FOX, NFL Network, and NBA TV. It also offers beIN Network as well as Univision for international coverage. But that’s not all, the service also offers other entertainment channels like the USA, SYFY, National Geographic, FX, Food Network, and AMC. They have also recently added Viacom and Discovery to their list. All in all, FoboTV offers 90 channels and plenty of on-demand shows and movies. An add-on to the standard plan can offer 35 additional channels on Fubo Extra. DVR capabilities include a recording time of 30 hours. It also comes with a crafty little feature called Lookback, which gives you an option to watch anything you may have missed within 72 hours after it was first aired.


Philo is an affordable service that focuses on entertainment streaming. It gives you 60 channels to browse through including The Travel Channel, HGTV, Food Network, Discovery, Comedy Central, Cooking Channel, BET, BBC America, Animal Planet, and AMC. Although with the wide variety of channels it does lack in a significant area of entertainment, which means you do not get any new channels or sports coverage. DVR capabilities are a little different from the rest, it offers users an option to save entire shows without any storage limitations, but these cannot be viewed offline. The data is saved for 30 days and can be viewed on three devices.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers two plans; namely, Orange and Blue. You can combine both these plans to get the maximum entertainment output from this service. Both plans combined provide 50 channels and can be viewed through four different devices simultaneously. The range of channels includes SYFY, Travel Channel, TNT, NFL Network, Food Network, ESPN, Disney Channel, CNN, and AMC. There are add-ons to the service that you can use to access Kids Extra that includes Boomerang, Nicktoons, and Disney XD along with Sports Extra that features PAC 12 Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, and ESPN U. On the other hand, however, Sling TV does not offer local affiliate channels, if you want access to FOX or CBS, you’d have to install an antenna or look for another option. The service offers a DVR recording capacity of 10 hours which can be upgraded to 50 hours with additional charges per month. Also, the service works on multiple platforms such as web browsers, Xbox, streaming devices, and mobile devices.


Now that we’ve covered the best streaming services out there, explaining how they work and their features, we wish you the best of luck in picking the most appropriate streaming service for you. Keep in mind that while the above services are chosen on a criterion that fits the need of this article, there are other services out there that may satisfy your entertainment requirements better. So don’t be shy to do your research and keep a look-out for new entertainment services by tuning into tech channels every once in a while.

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